Roger Ebert on reviewing

Hi all,

Roger Ebert has been discussing reviewing on his blog today.

Boone's review fits my definition of usefulness. It doesn't matter whether I agree with him. He helps me see things.

Definitely worth checking out.


That was interesting.

The comments had some interesting points as well. Like how subjective a negative review is as well. Rotten Tomatoes classed as negative a "see it" review, for example. How is "see it" not positive? I guess it's how I see 3 star reviews as positive, but most people see them as negative.


Ebert's blog is usually fascinating and insightful. This is definitely no exception; he takes a thoughtful and level-headed approach to a conversation that usually attracts a lot of emotional sniping.

There's another interesting piece on the Inception review-backlash, which also defends Edelstein's critique of the film, here: