Rosary Now Complete!

Just a note: I've finished up posting A Rosary of Stones and Thorns! So if you want to read it from beginning to end, you can check it out on the website:

Or if you prefer reading on an e-book reader, you can get it on Amazon ( or Smashwords ( The e-book version has pretty little feather graphics and stuff, it's very fancy. >.>

I've sent in an update here so that it can also be listed as complete on the webfiction guide page ( :)

And now... I shall rest. -_- Where resting = "going back to posting only one serial a week instead of two" and maybe possibly "considering what trunked novel next to resurrect as a serial for grocery money." >.>

Congrats on finishing. While it didn't require any real changes to my review, it was nice to read the story through to completion.