Round Robin Reboot

Ladies and Gentlemen, just over a year ago, EJ Spurrell started a lovely writing exercise in which we (the members of the WFG Community) all tried our hand at a collective story. It started out strong, but after a while, most of use seemed to lose interest.

I know I myself have had a hard time recently being able to find the proper headspace for completing my own works and I know others that have found themselves in the same boat. So let's take our attention off our individual stories and see if we can't get our juices flowing on Round Robin Reboot.


The impact of Agent Frits' heels on the tiled floor echoed ominously, reflecting his dire mood. He'd just received word that one of their organization's most recent experiments had gone missing.

Frits pondered his next as he walked briskly towards the armory. He'd been assigned with the task of finding the experiment and returning it to the lab before it caused a whole mess of trouble for a whole lot of people.

Okay, he thought to himself as he signed for his weapon. First thing's first, I need to get in touch with local police, set them on the lookout for it. Then I need to contact its family and make sure they understand that he isn't what he seems.

Finishing his checks on the last of his gear, Frits opened the file he'd set aside, reading as he walked. Inside was a picture of a man in his early 20's, his hair was dirty blonde and slightly tousled; as if he'd forgotten to comb his hair before the picture was taken. It also carried all the standard vital statistics that such files are known to possess.

"Okay Brad," Frits said to himself as he headed to his car. "Lets see how long you can run from us."