RSS Anyone?

Is anybody taking advantage of RSS?

I have a reader installed and find it useful for reading when I'm offline, but I know many sites, particularly wordpress only send out the last ten posts and often just an extract. So you couldn't use it to capture a story and then, for instance, read the whole thing on an international flight (my actual use case).

Is anybody provide a full RSS feed of everything and usage for their stories?

I'm using an RSS feed, because it's incredibly painless to set up with Wordpress. No idea how it works on the user end though; I confess I've never understood or used RSS as an end-user.

I'm with Patrick on this one. I have a basic understanding of how it works, but I've never used it on the reader side. I have it set up on my sites because @knifleman nudged me a few weeks ago and said, "You should set up RSS on your site," and it was, as Patrick says, super easy to set up on WordPress. But that's about as far as I got.

Same here. Some readers asked, I gave them the Wordpress RSS link, but I've no idea how it looks or how it works. About 5% or so of readers seem to use it (you can check the actual number per day / update in the Wordpress stats).

If I used correctly, RSS is mostly used by technical users. I know some people who do interesting things with it. If I find out more I'll share it back.

No mystery to RSS, it's simply software that allows you to keep track of when blogs, news sites, forums etc have new posts. Advantages are you are not tied to a particular device (as with browser bookmarks), nor a particular blogging platform (eg. Blogger). I use a RSS reader to keep track of both personal amusement (web fiction sites) and professional blogs. I'm surprised more people don't use them. Used to use Google Reader until Google decided to discontinue it, now I use Inoreader, a freeware I chose for its simple, clean interface out of the numerous options out there.

To address Lee's original question, I believe the majority of sites do provide the full feed i.e. you can read the entire post in your reader. An example is Earthcast whose feed is Here's an example of a Wordpress blog that provides the full feed:

However others do provide only a "teaser snippet" the first few sentences. I suppose the advantage of this for the blogger is it forces you to visit their site so your page views are recorded. I don't know how this is determined, whether you get the full feed or the snippet, but it's something on the host site's side.

I've used it to publish serial works/blogs to Amazon's periodical program.