RSS Feed duplication

I am looking at my current work, "Reject Hero", and seeing the following:

Latest Updates (feed):

The dates for the two chapters are correct, but the duplication is not. I also have added a new chapter which has not yet appeared in the list.

It seems as if the RSS feed notifier does not play well with multiple posts in a day, duplicating entries, which then prevents new entries from becoming visible, somehow?

I did see an RSS related thread from 11 months ago, but did not want to necro it.

Looks like your feed may have changed from HTTPS to HTTP URLs at some point recently. I reloaded it.

Thanks! I'll watch it to see how it works, moving forward.

On a related note... is my recently added feed working as intended? I'm not seeing any recent posts listed for Anathema yet. I hope I didn't screw up the link!

Chrys: The RSS feed only appears if you've had an editor rate your thing. You and I don't have editorial ratings, so we don't appear on the RSS on the front page.

Oh! Thanks Syphax, I had no idea. I suppose I'll request an editioral rating at the end of the current arc. Not just yet because impending big changes that should impact any review.

RSS feed inclusion and frequency are on my list of things to fix.