RSS Feed Update - Normal time delay?

So, someone was very kind enough to set up an RSS feed for my story. But I'm wondering how long it takes for it to update on WebFictionGuide's listing? My latest chapter isn't showing up, but if I actually click the 'Feed' link, from what I can tell, it is clearly showing the latest chapter there.

So I'm assuming there's a fixed or natural delay between my site updating and the feeds on the website updating. Either that or something isn't working with my RSS.

Can anyone weigh in on that? My story is "From Winter's Ashes", and the latest chapter at the time of writing is 2.2.

Yes there's a delay before the site checks all the feeds, and feeds that update less frequently are automatically checked less frequently.

I'm going to change the software this weekend to do all the feeds once a day. However, yes, at the moment, your feed is checked every 3 days. It will be checked this afternoon.

Thanks, Chris. It's been 11 hours since, and still no update. Can I presume then that the problem is on my end? I know pretty much nothing about RSS, alas. x_x

It says it processed it, but clearly not. I'll try to track it down. In the meantime, I've reloaded it by hand.

The RSS updater doesn't like my story, and I wonder if I'm doing anything wrong on my end. My last update, 8.9, was never added to my story page. The one before that didn't appear until I mentioned it on the forum, either. It's been six days (I update on Sundays).

If it's something on my end, could I get some pointers what I'm doing wrong?

Every post to now, you put the chapter number first. This last one, you put it in the middle. I've updated the pattern and reloaded the feed.

Thanks Chris! I'll pay more attention to the post titles from now on. :)