RSS feeds seem a bit wonky

I've noticed that the feeds are sometimes quite slow to update. It's not a major concern, of course, but I do find it a little irritating when the feed on my story's WFG entry suggests incorrectly that I haven't been updating very much recently--especially when I've actually been updating more than usual.

So I'm wondering, is there a desired type of feed that WFG works best with?

I've noticed this too. Seems to have a couple day's delay. Not really that big a deal for me since I update once a week, but for someone who updates multiple times a day, I could see that being annoying.

Your feed should definitely have been updating more often.

I managed to refresh it and persuaded it to push through the more recent posts, but I'll have to leave it to someone smarter to figure out what the problem was.

Oh, thank you, Fiona.

When I implemented RSS feeds, I was concerned about server resources, so the update frequency is tied to both stated story update frequency and the editorial rating. In fact, stuff not rated above 3 stars doesn't get its RSS read at all. It's on my list to revisit.