"rumored late night of August 27

's Daily, September 1 (Reporter Xiang Rui) she and foreigners, topless bar on the stage,??? ?????, "playing strip show, the next stage is a group of stimulus to the customer, they have come up with mobile phone take pictures, upload microblogging. Recent days,?????, indecent photos of two expatriates, known as the "Wenzhou U-PARTY bar,???????, the French charm combination playing strip show" label,?????????, widely disseminated in various forums, microblogging. Yesterday, Lucheng District, the cultural sector is confirmed to reporters,?????, online image content, is consistent with the bar the night scene. Expatriate passion dew point performances early in the morning of August 28, Sina microblogging and Wenzhou local forum, has appeared in the photo of a group of foreign men and women of the dew point. Photo background is dark, the men and women behind DJ duo upper body are naked,???????, the stage lights flash on the body; audience is waving crowd, many of them have come up with mobile phone camera. The picture shows that the large-scale performances of two expatriates from time to time,????, the woman saw that the audience was taking pictures, and more, leans his upper body in front of the camera. Upload it to this group of photos on the microblogging, a netizen collected integrate, said: "rumored late night of August 27, Wenzhou U-PARTY bar, French charm combination playing strip show ... a lot of friends that, bar "brazen pornographic performances" to attract customers, too vulgar. Friends "jinlujia23" worried and said: 'Oh my God, UP (U-PARTY bar) all seem to go after 90,??? ?????, children should do "In addition to this, a lot of friends but question, why not see the management of the relevant departments The bar closed down surveyed almost a dozen sheets Dew Point photo online, Lucheng District Culture, Radio, Press and Publication Bureau of the cultural market administrative law enforcement battalion Jin Xu know this. "In the morning of the 28th, we launched the emergency plan." Jin Xu said. After their initial understanding,michael kors outlet store, Wenzhou U-PARTY bar invites foreign actors for commercial performances, not after the approval of the cultural sector. This is not the first U-PARTY bar to do so. Jin Xu said, in August last year, U-PARTY bar was not reported to the cultural sector commercial performance, has been sentenced to a fine of 50,000 yuan. The performances without the cultural sector for the record, Jin Xu is no way of knowing the identity of the performer's content. However, after the external investigation, Jin Xu said, the basic match live online picture content with U-PARTY bar that night. Currently, they have on the matter to initiate an investigation, "strict, severely, from processed fast". It is reported that two foreigners were involved in the case have left Wenzhou, bar owners, and in the field has not yet appearing in court, the case is under further investigation. Yesterday, the reporter went to the U-PARTY bar is located next to the urban Renmin Road, Wenzhou Building,??????, saw the bar closed the door on the door reads "internal adjustments, to suspend business. Nearby shops,???? ??????, said recently no bar is open. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the Wenzhou City Public Security Bureau: For the event, the the Wenzhou Lucheng district levels,????? ?????, public security organs involved in the investigation have been placed on file. Wenzhou U-PARTY bar may be involved in illegal, the public security organs have been ordered to suspend business for investigation. It is understood that the two expatriates and bar owners involved are not yet appearing in court for investigation.</p><p>

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