Sci-Fantasy Satire Serial Fiction

Hey, peeps -- we have a steadily-growing sci-fantasy satire project going, and we'd love to get some eyes and feedback on everything from the fiction to the site design.

We're up to Chapter 11 ("This Rest Stop Is For A$$holes"), but you can catch up on the story so far here:

Just click on the chapter headers to go to the respective chapters (and the headers sit to the right of every post/page, too).

Thanks for checking us out. I don't know if a lot of people are really doing sci-fi comedy (ours is also a satire of the Internet in general), so, figured it was worth it to ping your radar screens.

-- Chuck [thestoryverse[dot]com]

I'd love to write a review for you... if you don't mind being on a queue that might take a few weeks. I love sci-fi comedy.

I had a quick look at the website and the character bios... and I have a new addition to my reading list. All I need now is a time vortex manipulator to squeeze a few more hours in my days. :/

Glad you guys like it!

And we'll take any review anybody cares to throw at us. :)

The site is up to Chapter 12, but we've written up to Chapter... 43, now? 45 Something like that. So, it's not going away, and we'll have a steady stream a-coming!

-- Chuck