Scrivener - Any tips and tricks?

So, I'm finally veering away from MS Word and over to Scrivener. Partially due to the size of my project, partially because of my OCD, and also because of the epub tools.

Anyone have tips/tricks/suggestions for making my transition to Scrivener less mind-boggling? xD

It's really not that terrible once you go through the tutorial they have. If you read all of that, then you got the basics. For other stuff, you'll have to look up tutorials online. I used to have a bunch, but I apparently deleted all of my bookmarks for them.

I'd say read a few articles about Scrivener and decide how you want to organize things before you start. You can set it up almost anyway you want, but I find it's better if I know what I'm doing before I start importing everything.

Depending on how your project is currently set up, if you have one big file, or several files that you want to import, do so and then highlight chapter headings and press Option+Command+K to split the files into smaller files.

I had moved away from scrivener because of the lack of mobile support, but the new scrivener IOS app is awesome and I'm back using it and the desktop version.