Self Discovery

Today I made, what is to me, an amazing discovery about my fiction.

RoYds is the name of the refuge for delayed souls in my story of the same name.

In the north of England, where my story is set, Royd(s) is a common place name meaning: clearing. In the story I always spell the name with a large 'Y', the symbol for luminance. RoYds is a place for those who are drawn to the "light side" -- for whatever reason. I also use the Y as the favicon for my website.

Today I was excited by a television trailer for a new production of the book Moonfleet by J. Meade Falkner, one of my childhood favourites. More decades have passed since I last read Moonfleet than I care to recall!

My blood ran cold as I started to remember Moonfleet. The Mohunes Coat of Arms, contains a symbol shaped like a large Y. This sign features throughout the book and also on the old book cover!

Did Moonfleet sow some of the seeds for Refuge of Delayed Souls? I never would have thought so until today.

Does your story have similarities to this book? If so, then that might be a problem. If not, then it should be okay. However, I'm not an expert, so I wouldn't take my word for it.

Nothing at all like it, Alex.

Moonfleet is about smugglers, orphans and pirates. My story is drawn from family history, local legends and my imagination. Most of my characters are dead.

Mind you, the brother of my 4 x great grandfather was the founder of the "oldest independently owned deep sea shipping line in the world" and he was murdered on the way home late one night. There have been family rumours of smugglers. Hmm... perhaps I need to start another chapter :)

I was just surprised how much of Moonfleet had remained in my subconscious and the part it may or may not have played in influencing my own fiction.

i have noticed in my rss feed a couple of new RoYds posts, i need to read them!

And it's amazing the things that provide inspiration in one way or another. one of my stories came from nothing more than a weird elevator in a government building, and the particualr phoenix symbol used by the city of phoenix.

Major plot point for me came from zefrank's "Fact's about the naked mole rat" that I watched on Youtube one day...