Self-Publishing App

Hey, everyone! My name is Jordan, and I own/operate Icarus Wings Software, LLC, an LA-based software company.

I've recently made the acquaintance of a V.M. Zito, author of the soon-to-be-published novel 'The Return Man'. Zito was able to self-publish his WIP chapter by chapter on a website, until it was eventually picked up by Hodder & Stoughton for publishing.

That gave me an idea; why not create an app that allows up-and-coming authors to publish their works like Zito did? Thus, 'Foreword' was born! Chapter by chapter, 'Foreword' lets you publish your stories and build up a dedicated following of readers before you're ever published!

Basic non-author users of the app can browse stories based on tags the author creates, read and rate thousands of titles, subscribe to their favorite stories/authors, and be notified when there's new material to be read!

We need funding to make this happen, though; if you love books, want to be read by thousands and thousands of everyday app users, and possibly be discovered and published, then head on over to and donate!

A donation gets you a copy of the app!


Jordan G.

I like the core idea, but I'm wondering:

* What would the pricing be? User version, writer's version? I assume from the 'Donate $10, and you'll get a free 'users' copy' line that it'll cost money. The amount it costs directly affects the audience size, which in turn affects how much writers may be willing to spend. On the other hand, if it didn't cost anything substantial to get the user's version, that's potentially a huge audience, which is more tempting. I'm just wondering your assumptions, going in.

* Any idea what the interface will be like, for someone reading? What features are in mind?

* What methods will exist for rating/reviewing, beyond 'highest rated' and 'most read'? How can stories be sorted, quality-wise? If I search for 'superhero', am I going to get a boatload of fanfics in the mix?

* What are your expectations as far as IP rights? I believe there's been issues with authors claiming the work of other webfiction writers as their own on other sites (Amazon?). Do writers submitting stories forfeit any rights? How easy is it to take down a story? Or to make a complaint if someone else is posting my story on Foreword?

* I've read elsewhere on Webfictionguide that it can be hard to get a work published when it's already been put online. I'm inclined to believe 'the Return Man' getting published is more of an anomaly than a common thing, which makes me a little suspicious of the 'help aspiring authors get published' line and the idea that publishing companies will 'snap up' the stories.

* Just how easy is it to add new material, really? I've talked to someone who testified to an awkward and clumsy experience creating pdfs, adding to them and uploading them to his e-reader (not an ipod/ipad, but still). What would the process be with Foreword? Why would it be better?

Also, that sounds a lot like Pandamian ( -- so you've already got some competition. Not that competition is bad! Just thought you should know.