Serial Merch - Topatoco for writers!

All right, now, some of you would have received this letter already, and some will be getting it over the next few days (there's a lot of stories out there, and I'm not a robot...unfortunately. :P).

Early next year, Wibbly will start producing merchandise and selling it through our site, and we want to offer our services to the the web serial community. You may have considered, or even be using services such as Cafepress or Zazzle, but find the costs and low payouts to you troubling. I can assure you our prices will be more than competitive and have outlined the differences below.

In the first run of merchandise, we will be making t-shirts in black or white, and badges. If there is a demand for more colours for the shirts, or different sizes in the badges, we will look at accommodating this in future releases. For a smooth start to our business, we want to keep the options few and simple as we learn the ropes.

Additionally, there will be very little effort on your part required. Once we sign a contract (so everyone involved is protected), you send in your designs, you inform us the amount of commission you want on each, and that is about it. You have the choice to buy from us (at the base price, plus shipping) and sell them through your own site, or simply link your customers over to our store and we will take care of everything else: production of the merchandise, handling of payments (technically PayPal will do that) and shipping of the awesome shirts and badges.

Your soul. And a kitten. Jokes aside, nothing. As this is an effort to band us together, to provide a central place to sell our merchandise from (which also allows, for example, a person who likes Legion of Nothing* to make a superhero shopping trip and pick up half a dozen Shimmer badges at the same time).

It will not cost you anything, but we are not promising to make you rich. It will still be your responsibility to send your readers to the store and enthuse them for your merch.

Ok, sounds all right, give me some figures.

Note: For all examples, amounts are given in Australian dollars (and the equivalent USD at the time of writing). Figures may shift a little between now and the opening of the store. We are still confirming suppliers whilst seeing how much interest there is in this project.

[We will allow up to $20AUD [$18.25USD]

Wibbly Press Shirt




Zazzle Shirt




CafePress Shirt




Something important to consider is that all of these shirts are of similar quality. Being cheaper does not mean we will supply shirts that fall apart after the first wash.










The prices speak for themselves even more than for the shirts, taking into account that our badge is bigger than both existing options listed here.

Yeah, but...

If you do have any questions, feel free to email me [wibblypress (at) gmail (dot) com] or just ask here.