serialized versus all-at-once

Your website looks great now and it is easier to find specific fiction blogs. My question has to do with my own blog. I've changed the banner; the blog looks quite different.

Also, while I very much appreciate the review of the novel I run mostly on weekends and which is almost finished appearing on Diary of a Heretic, I wonder if someone might want to review the serial stories, which I post most weekdays.

For me, this is a risky request. The novel I've edited before and edit again as I post episodes. The serial stories I post after one brisk re-read, looking primarily for typos.

A third point, but one that makes a difference to me: some fiction blogs present a novel in total. Novels that go up in individual posts, episode by episode, read much differently. There's an element of waiting to find out what happens next that's different when the writer hasn't posted it yet and probably hasn't written it yet. For example, with my serial stories, a few times people's comments have affected the next scene.

What do other writers and readers think? Should serial serial fiction site be designated as such?

Only a very few of our novel listings were posted all-at-once. Off the top of my head, I can only think of one. Lots of others were posted a chapter or part at a time, but are now complete. Each listing does state at the top, just under the listing name, when/how/if the story updates. We also have a specific tag for just complete novels, which we try to keep up-to-date.

BTW, I've updated the screenshot on your listing -- if you (or anyone) need to update your listing, just send a note to submissions [at] webfictionguide [dot] com. As for a second review, we are trying to eventually do additional reviews on all of our listings. It should just be a matter of time.