Serials: Platforms for interactive polling on smart devices

I am searching for an optimal platform for online interactive serials (stories that are more along the lines of a soap opera; however, they are true stories that sound like fiction).

I am reviewing potential platforms for interactive polling through Internet plus smart devices: ipad, iphones, etc.

Does anyone have helpful input/advice/recommendations concerning their experience with features, advantages and disadvantages, security, cost, customer support, etc. with these issues related to polling platforms?

Any information related to this will be very helpful, including considerations for story structure when using a polling platform.

Many thanks,


If you're releasing your serial via. wordpress, there's built in polls. Easy to employ, keeps the reader on the site, and as far as I'm aware, it's cross-platform.

Wordpress also has a good plug-in for iPhones and related gizmos. I can't remember what it's called right now, but if you search the site, it'll come up.

Thank you for your comments. Are there any WordPress-competitive platforms for comparison?