Seriously, thank you to Alex.Hollins

I'm over the moon right now. Thank you for putting in the time to read The Other Kind of Roommate, and thanks for going the extra step and writing a review for it. :D It's a fantastic feeling to that.

Now I'm going to maturely giggle and hand-flap, because I am an adult and therefore respond appropriately to exciting things.

I love his avatar too, the little man always looks like he's shouting with excitement about the review.

An Order of the Stick fan after my own heart. :P

My pleasure! I always got great joy when people read and commented on my stuff as well. I have been trying to make it a habit to read a new serial once or twice a week and review it, and have been giving first dibs to people I see active in the forums. Its an amusing read so far, I'm looking forward to more. (to be clear, btw, the number ONE bold voice is found at , have you read Stormy's stuff?"

As for the avatar, thats actually a little cut from a comic I write the script for at . I joined with an artist and we took over doing a comic created by another person, and in one page we put ourselves into the background of the page talking about comic scripts, heh. That is... actually... pretty close to what I really look like, just in order of the stick style.

Keep up the good work and you will get many more reviews!

I was both impressed and a teeny bit worried about the similarities (I gave it a quick once through), but I think I've steered clear of any actual overlap between our two stores. Thank God - how embarrassing would that have been? But her Agents seem different and my crazy bold voice seems different, too. For starters, props to Stormy for having hers actually be a) polite and b) encouraging. :D

Ah! That makes sense.

Thanks again. I'm in a real writing mood!

Alexander.Hollins, I've been wondering about your avatar FOR SO LONG, but it just wasn't ever relevant to the conversation. I'm so glad I know now. The mystery has been solved.

No longer will I look at that little pic and go, "When did Order of the Stick decide to do a send-up of The Office?"

We totally need to do a crossover, though.

@Stormy - Oooooh, the potential we could exploit with that...! Once I get a fuller archive, hey, maybe a one-shot adventure. :)

Totally. :D We could whip up something fun.

Ooh, maybe a voice swap!

I really like the bold-voice mechanic (read: I've always been tempted to steal it)

Oh yeah, they are actually very different stories, which is why I was amused at so much overlap in description!

I say you stick both voices in the same head at once, so we can get a bold voice showdown. (now, I suggest Vincent's head, for the fun of torturing him)

Grey World, Beth. I could totally see Beth finally splitting internally.

@Stormy - In that case, which would be awesome, you better start warming up your 'c', 'f', 'u' and 'k' keys. :D

@AGrayWorld - Good news! Since no one owns it, you're fully free to hop on board the BOLD VOICE train with us!

OOOO... you know, theres this character that someone created whos a dimension hopper, and appears in other fiction, that the creator gave a license to use in any serial novel. (pisses me off, I had the idea a decade ago but never thought I'd have takers, heh) Someone should do a BV version, a voice from a mental presence that keeps popping into different heads.