Service exchange site - covers, proofreading, etc.

Hey guys, I've been using a website called Simbi for a couple of months and I think it's useful enough to share here. I apologize in advance if this is considered spam.

Basically, Simbi is a service exchange site where people contribute their marketable skills and also receive services they want without any money changing hands. In order to facilitate exchanges between people who don't match in their desired services, there is a virtual currency called simbi that you can use to buy/sell services, but it is not exchangeable for real money or purchasable for real money.

Some of the services are kind of lame and the general quality is a lot lower than hired professionals (especially when it comes to reliability), but you can get some useful services there. So far, I've commissioned a piece of cover art and have gotten a really good beta reader there. Some other things I've seen that might be useful are people offering to help with site and logo design. There are also a ton of non-writing services on there.

So yeah, if you have some free time to help people out with their requests but not a lot of money for things you want, check it out. This is my referral link, which gives me 15 simbi if you sign up with it:

(Of course, you can also just go to

This is pretty groovy, I will definitely give it a look as I will need those services in the future. Thank you for the heads up! What sort of skills do you use to give back?

Haha, my main services are offering proofreading and writing formal announcements, but the huge majority of the simbi I've earned comes from looking through people's random posted requests and seeing what I can do. I have a bit of a biochemistry background, so often I can answer questions related to genetics and health. One of the biggest jobs I got was discussing goat breeding, actually :P