Shared World Anthology: Proposal

Okay, there's been lots of talk in a recent thread, lots of people who have done stuff before, lots of people saying, well, if someone starts it, I'm in.

I was going to do a serial Swappers for Halloween, but decided against it. I'm going to consider this Serial Swappers Winter Holidays, with gift as a theme. We're going to give each other gifts!

I'd like to run this in three phases, for those interested.

1. World Building

A. Genre. S/F, Supers, Magic, Space Opera, ect.

B. Basic rules of the Genre

C. Places, themes, goverments, groups, ect.

2. Character building

A. Everyone involved at this stage creates a character, writes a sketch about them. As a group, we brainstorm and okay ideas linking characters.

B. A few global characters are created by the world building team for all to use equally. Movers, shakers, politicians, royalty, dragons, wizards of great renown, that beggar who knows EVERYTHING with the green skin and formaldehyde smell.

C. Some active possible plots are generated. We list out things the globals are doing, people list out things their personal characters are doing publicly.

3. Story time!

A. Everyone writes a story, likely using their character as the MC. no one is allowed to use another persons character as an MC without talking with that creator, but we all have carte blanche to use each others characters and the globals as sides.

B. stories are collected, anything GLARINGLY plot hole / inconsistent between stories will get hammered out by Editorial staff with story writers.

C. Publish anthology.

A few notes. I'm expecting people to pop in and out, come in late, ect. Want to world build, but know you wont write a story? Fine, thats cool. Come up with a character, but dont use them as a main, or don't write a story at all? Up to you. Come in near the end and want to slide in a story last minute? Go for it!

I'm kind of assuming that I will be the Chief Editor of this beast. Unless someone else is willing to run it that other people would prefer? I will definitely need an Assistant Editor though. Unpaid positions, the both.

These will be disparate short stories, no major story linking unless two writers get together to decide so. As suggested before, see Thieves World. Inconsistencies WILL happen, depending on the author, a main character in TW is, for the first three books, alternately male, female, trans, intersex, then female again.

Final publishing would be, ideally, everyone posts their story and a link to the main book on their own websites blogs, if any. Anthology put on Amazon and others, with proceeds to be given to WFG. If the whole thing is popular enough, and people want more, we can kickstart a sequel to ensure per word payment to authors.

So... thoughts? anyone in? anything glaring I'm missing?

Who would the copyright belong to?

Ooof. Good question. Well, I was thinking it would have to be done under an LLC likely, so, like most anthologies, copyright to the publisher for one year, reverting for each story back to the writer of that story for a year. Trademark and characters is more the issue. I think a rider stating that use of the characters remains with the collaboration, with a predetermined percentage royalty of any future royalties earned on any work involving that character in more than a minor role. (no more than ten percent "screentime")

Sounds really good. I could use a side project. Count me in.

There's no delete, apparently, but this is a double post. Apologies.

Shaeor, that means you need to write two stories. (kidding!)

Ha! I think that'd be just a bit beyond my capabilities right now. What kind of length do you have in mind for the individual pieces of this project and overall? Also, do you plan on creating a Discord or whatnot? I assume this thread is just sign-up.

I'm in like wossname.

I'm guessing length will really depend on the numbers we get. If you only have half a dozen you'd need longer stories to ensure a worthwhile length of book. Up to say 10,000 words would be the max I would think.

the beautiful thing about doing it online, if we dont plan on printing it, is fuck your word count requirements! I figure standard short story length, 3-15 k? And I have the feeling that a small group WILL do a round robin story on their own, so a 30k novella? Couple of 500 word flash fiction pieces. some poetry.

I do not like discord, it seems .... screwey. I figure when we get into it using some public google docs? we'll see. If theres a good reason to use discord or another platform though, we'll go with it.

I'm watching, though I'm not sure about committing. We'll see how it plays out in the long run.

But if you're looking for settings, I've got, like, six.

Tana, the few times ive done this before, worked with a group to create a setting, it was always something new, but everyone threw in pieces of settings they had come up with, but never been able to use. So, keep em handy!

So just so I'm clear, it's not like a play-by-post, back and forth roleplay. It's a series of stories connected by the setting (or character(s)), so there's no waiting on other people to establish their end of any continuity before someone else can get started, and everyone's capped at one story for now.

I might be interested depending on whether the genre is something I feel comfortable writing in.

Yeah, genre would be the big thing. I'm comfortable with most SF/F - even dabbling into horror/weird. Beyond that I may struggle. I'm not sure I could really do superheroes properly and just forget romance :)

Just throwing things against the wall here, but would a city or some other centre of population be the best way to go, depending on genre. If SF it could even be something like a space station.

A setting like that could work for any kind of genre - be it fantasy, steampunk, SF, horror, noir or any combination of them or others (hrm, a noir horror steampunk setting. Stop getting ideas when you have others to finish :P)

Hehe, I'm pretty much limited to fantasy and romance. Let's do fantasy.

Can I join?

Can I join?

*EDIT Note to self: Do not press submit twice*

I think everyone is welcome, GeneralRincewind. Also, I'm good with any genre. When do we vote?!

I, for one, would like to try this. I've never written anything notable or long before, but this seems like a good way to get my foot in the door for larger works of writing.

I'm game if invitations are still open.

I think with my schedule at this point I can squeeze in some time to hammer out something along the lines of 10k to 30k words. If it's 40k to 60k, I might need some notice so I can allocate time for it. If people are expecting flash fiction (under 1k) or super-short fiction (under 6K), I might need to bow out. I'm looking for projects that allow me to get a fully realized story out, rather than flex my abilities with a literary scalpel and poncified vagueness.

Regarding genre or theme, I can handle just about anything. If everyone decides on something else, I'll deal and take it as a challenge. I'm fine with being told what to write. If there is any democracy involved as to preference... The fiction genres I'm more at home in are, Horror (Supernatural or Psychological; not Splatter-punk or Creature Feature, though), Fantasy (High or Grimdark are preferred). The genres I'm willing to give a shot but am honestly completely exhausted by are, Superheroes, YA-style Modern Fantasy, and Steampunk (way too over-saturated with Steampunk right now, the novelty of it died over a decade ago). The only three genres that make me cringe are Real-World Genre Mash-up/Portal Fiction (boring and cliche as all hell), Murder Mystery/Modern Thriller (if it's mundane or noir, not interested, but if it can be mixed up with weirdness or if it's Umberto Eco-style historical, I can handle it), and Ultra-Hard/Transhumanist Science-Fiction (I'm game for Sci-Fi Horror, Sci-Fi Fantasy, Sci-Fi Romance, or any other mixes, but straight-edge Sci-Fi involving people trapped in tin cans in space, are yawn-worthy for me right now).