Shared World Anthology: Worldbuilding stage one

Alright, results are below, as well as a link to a refined based level world survey.

12 people answered the survey


Sci fi and fantasy both received 11 votes

Nautical: 2 :(

Modern recieved 7

Alt history: 4

Romance: 3

Humor: 5

Superhero: 5

Other 5: suggestions were for 2: horror/weird, hardboiled noir, 2: post apoc , and modern fantasy. I consider some of those more setting than genre, which will show in the survey.

most people want to distribute for free, 7, and 6 were cool with the idea of selling for a cost on Amazon/ect to split amongst the writers as royalties with a chunk going to WFG. I hate hate hate the idea of getting work from people without paying them, but I do also love the contributive spirit and desire to stump for WFG and each other's serials. Several people left free form comments in regards to wanting to focus on bringing more attention to the world of online serials, and WFG in particular. I think we'll revist that one once we actually have a final product.

please, start us on the next step! (i also emailed the link to everyone that has filled out survey one so far! )

Honestly, I'm really exited to see where this goes.

I'm personally not that big of a fan of most post-apocalyptic stuff. Not that I'm against Fallout. I've spent way too long in New Vegas, leaving a trail of decapitated Legion assassins behind me. Which is not as bad as it sounds. One playthrough, I made it a point to decapitate particularly tough enemies after they died, if they still had heads.

My problem is that they tend to blend together after awhile. In at least one thing I've played, there are tons of post-apocalyptic scenarios, almost all of which involve the fantasy kitchen sink's worth of races, including cyborgs, demons, angels, nekos, werewolves, and vampires. It gets old after the fifth one.

Lately, I've more got a certain underworld preference in mind, thanks to spending some time with Payday 2 (criminal underworld) and Secret World (hidden layer of the world where all conspiracy theories are true). The ship thing gave me an idea, though. Something like Babylon 5 or Deep Space 9. They tended to have stronger stories since they weren't all "story of the week" like Star Trek. Then again, the format of all these short stories wouldn't be too bad for a ship journeying around, doing various things.

So guys, I made a discord server for the anthology.


Discord is cool, and I want to get some discussion going. Polls and surveys are all excellent ideas, but it's not nearly as much fun as arguing :-).

So I had an idea for a world. It's a world with the same tech level as ours, but with a single sci-fi concept. A easy to manufacture commonly available lasergun that fires lasers that when they intersect with any solids, they "explode" into a black basketball sized sphere that anihilates any matter inside it. The societal, economic and military consequences of that would be pretty interesting to explore. Like would society splinter and become more rural as criminals with instakill highly powerful guns destroy cities? How would the military look? The police? The regulations? The geopolitics?

Sorry, forgot to set the link to never expire:

I'll hop on, but i'm not fond of discord, the layout bothers me. it does have some good features for this kind of building though.

PG, i had very similar thoughts actually, which is why I put pirate nautical in the first, and ship in the second. In my case, i was thinking fantasy or steamy setting with a pirate ship and a tortuga like base as the two main settings. but exactly, the ship is a great central point for lots of stories, both other people interacting with the ship and stuff that happens between people ON the ship.

A fantasy world with a matrix-style otherland laid over it? I've got chills, they're multiplying...

I strongly suggest a different chat than Discord for world-building, as Discord might as well be called Discard in terms of the ability to search your chat history a few days back (unless they've made some major updates since the last time I used it).

Suggest then.

EDIT: I'm not really sure, what we could use other than discord. HipChat? Slack? Raw IRC?

Wow, when i said random words, y'all are random all right!

This should be fun!

If Chris is cool with it, and we dont over clog the feeds, Im good with keeping stuff here. Honestly, for those that aren't up to platform jumping, I plan on mas dummping any chat from other sources here as well.

Hey all, heres a log of the current discord discussion, I'll add more to it now and then.

forgot to put the link in.

Alright, I've added to the Discord convo, but I'll plunk my suggestions here. Now, I've got a bunch of basic outlines for worlds I'm not super-attached to, but maybe some of these help form the basis:


Barson/Therus is the Earth 250 million years in the future. A race of humanoids with red skin are the dominant sapients, who have a level of tech just about on the level of the Industrial Revolution. There may be some magic, maybe not. There are two other races on the small continent, a race of bird nomads (the Du'Rast) and Rabbit forest dwellers (Lunetha).

It was an RPG setting where players were to explore the weird hidden mysterious of the past on the small continent, and possible war/intrigue stuff on the big continent. Never did anything with it, though.

Kinda dull, honestly, now that I'm looking at it again. Hrm.


A science fantasy setting. Characters are low powered, mostly pulp-style abilities, but its a universe with it's own set of physics, not dissimilar to our own, but based on the super-science energy/element of Ethyrium. All the planets are all planetoids with one or two-environment themes. Tons of potential for variety, and different creatures and mysteries if wanted. As mentioned in the article, it takes cues from the RPG "Slipstream":

However, may be TOO much of a sandbox, and if people just stick to their own made up planets, there won't be much crossover, so it may not even be what the collab is looking for.

WORLD OF FLOTSAM: Don't have a write up on this one yet.

Floatsam is a gas giant with floating continents, alla Skies of Arcadia. While technically existing in a sci-fi space opera world, Flotsam itself is low tech, since most galactic tech gets fried by the planets energy fields. Most civilization is various races and their descendants crashing on the planet or being exiled there so it's lower-tech, probably comparable to, I dunno, 1900 on Earth. It's also a very sort of frontier world in some ways, being really huge. Because the planet is so big (Neptune sized) with continents ranging from Australia-sized to earth sized, there's tons of potential for all sorts of wacky different things.

There is one empire, but it's attempt to conquer the planet just isn't feasible. They have a presence all around the world, but are very ineffectual at maintaining order outside their home continent. That said, they are the only large-scale peacekeeping force that keeps the planet from being a total pirate-world in some areas.

There are only a few rare teleport devices that allow people and things off planet, so there may also be some use for the world as a rare element mine for the galactic society.

However, this world also has the same problem as Ethyrium, in that its probably too much of a sandbox.

This is in the chat log that I posted, but heres a thought I had.

looking at the wfg chat as well as the first survey results coming back in, the ship and the matrix like interconnected world concept are comming in popular, and its making me think of my fascination with the concept of world as myth. (I called it the story nature of reality before I discovered Heinlein as a kid, but i've honestly ALWAYS had that view of reality.)

What about... alternate realities.

its often done to death badly, but I'm thinking about something like Chalker's G.O.D. inc. for those that havent read it, a multi reality corporation runs trains that go into other worlds. and they do a lot of trading and commerce between worlds, but no one KNOWS it. one of the guiding principles of G.O.D. inc (General Orders and Delivery, btw) is that no one outside the company KNOWS about alternate realities.

What about a ship that sails the seas, the stars, and the space between realities.

A ship of legend, one of those legends that transcends everything because it IS everywhere, but... depending on the populace, and the interactions, its a menace and pirate to some, and a guardian angel and beacon of hope to others.

That allows a lot of different styles of story, and lets you have the ship and crew interact with different worlds with different rules.

As of right now with 8 responses, 38 percent want fantasy / modern fantasy, 25 want mixed sci fi fantasy.

five people like the idea of a ship.

four people each like underground base and matrix like net of some kind.

and your random words are

Sciiiiience, spaaaaaace, water

unicorn, dragon, grammar

grimey, dark, but with a chink of hope

orange, ineffable, oblivion

honour, dignity, sex

Waffle, wolf, capoeira

Objectivity, Inexorability, and Vanity

dark, tense, cyber

Not quite that random. Most of them come across like that one test where you pick out the one word in the sequence that doesn't fit the pattern of the others. The only ones I don't see working like that are "objectivity, inexorability, and vanity" and "orange, ineffable, and oblivion". On the one hand, orange and ineffable are both adjectives... but orange is also a noun and for some reason I think ineffable can go with oblivion.

And now for the thing I associate most with oblivion, which is also an example of a genre that I don't think I've ever seen written about in prose form:

At some point, I'd love to see some sort of DBZ-inspired space opera, but with consistent rules.

*Edit* and both vanity and objectivity can be applied to people, which doesn't work with inexorability

It's hard to come up with truly random words without some kind of outside help, because most people think in patterns. It's human nature, and we're human, so :P

Outside help - I just looked up three word of the day sites and got sabot, cloudburst, and comport - completely random.