Sharkerbob's Character Creation Battle Tournament!

So, welcome, one and all! You have been cordially invited to take your Original Characters and chuck them together in the ring so they can beat the unholy hell out of each other!

I have set up a site dedicated to hosting this tourney, and if the first is successful, we might do more in the future. If you are interested, follow this link to familiarize yourselves with the Rules and the format:

I will keep sign-ups open to join this first tournament and submit characters through Oct 27th. After that, I will scramble up the teams, and start posting matches.

And piggybacking off the post, I'd definitely encourage you all to check out the Web Fiction Discord. We recently just did a minor overhaul of the server with new emotes, so that's fun! We're a small but decently active group, and with Sharker and I both being mods, it's bound to be... something. :P

I'd love for it to be a place where authors and readers can come chill and talk about anything, be it writing or whatever. It's been cool for a minute now, but with some new peeps, it can be even cooler!

Can confirm that they're all very cool people to talk with! I'm normally a bit reserved, but I'm glad I made the jump to join the Discord weeks back.

The discord is great, especially with a boost in activity now. I actually haven't read the above post yet, but I can already say I'm excited to participate. Just thought I'd jump in to back the above two comments.

Count me in!

I would like to join in this little event, it sounds like its ripe for some fun creations and stories.

Very neat! One of my first writing experiences was a big multiversal-murderfest adventure between an assortment of mine and my friends writing/tabletop characters, so these definitely hold a special place in my heart. Sounds like great fun, particularly with all these authors involved. I'd love to join in.

Bumping to remind people about the tourney and also to join our kick-ass discord!

Sign-ups are now closed, and Round One has begun!

Season Two is now in effect! Same website, same Discord chat! Rules have been slightly updated: the power limit is lowered and the tourney is now Capture the Flag scenario instead of a straight up fight.

how long do i have to enter?

also, the discord invite link has expired!

Sorry, it's not supposed to have expired... here's another one:

Well, no one else has submitted anything yet. I figure we'll give it a couple weeks, at least.

I'm interested, but I'm confused. Apart from us entering our characters, I don't understand how these play out. Is there a place on your website where I can read the previous fights? All I can see is the page called "Rounds" that says who fought who and which teams won.

I initially intended discussion on the fights to happen in the comment section of each Round posted. Click on each Round to see the set up of the fights. We actually ended up doing the majority of the discussion in the Discord, but we gave our thoughts on the winners in the comment section.

But how do the fights work? Are they done entirely in the comments? Is this like a roleplaying thing where each author controls the characters they create?

From what I remember, it was just overall discussions, no real roleplaying.

Super casual, nothing serious.

Yep, just line up the teams, and discuss who you think would win.

No one really has the time to do RP, given other writing priorities, but something like that could maybe be done in the future when people have the time.

I think your wordpress site has an error. There's nothing on the New Characters page but two ads.

Well, no one's added any new characters yet. :P

If you want to see the characters from the first season, here's the links on the Teams page:

(Note that Season Two knocks the power limit down substantially.)

To get onto the wordpress sight, send me your wordpress ID (if you have one), and I can add you to the list of posters. I think it sends you a notification to your email to confirm.