shelf feature!

Hi there,

I thought it's about time to give Chris some more work on the designing front. *Insert evil laughter*

Kidding aside, I would love some kind of shelve feature, (like the Shelfari or Goodreads). In short I think it could work as a check box thing under each listing, under the Recommend it checkbox, with options like "Currently Reading, Want to Read Soon, or Have Read this". Then on the member pages you can see what somebody is reading, has read or wants to read in the future. It would be a handy feature to bookmark webnovels you want to read based on reviews and so on, but don't have currently the time for.

In the far future, I would love this to become a widget so you can show what you are reading on your own blog/webnovel, because Goodreads nor Shelfari support webnovels without ISBN numbers. I realise this will be a tough develepment, but even if this will never work, a simple link on your blog/novel titled, what I'm currently reading online (won't this be good for your goole ranking too?) to your own member page would be handy dandy.


Any thoughts.

That's a great idea Janoda!

There are so many listings now it is hard to keep track - I've often seen something listed, thought I would take a look at it later and then forgotten what it was LOL

Jup, and my bookmarks are totally unordened. I have a couple of listings, a couple of sites, a couple of reviews... It's becoming overwhelming.

Now let's hope Chris is up to perform some of his magic!

I'll see what I can do.

I think that's an awesome idea - good for us disorganised ppl, and it could be expanded at some point to 'you might be interested in...' based on what others sharing your reading list are reading that you aren't.

I think I have a plan. Will take a stab at it tonight.

@nomesque -- BTW, if you go to a listing you are reading, the "Readers who liked this also liked:" section on the listing is populated based on recommendations in common.

@nomesque and chris, I was thinking something similar, because the recommondation is a litte too strong in my opinion.

E.g.: I recommend Tales of Mu, an Intimate History..., Servicing the Pole and 235. However, I'm very eclectic genre-wise. I would never recommend 235 to a fantasy-lover, or an Intimate History to a modern-fiction lover. However, I recommend each of those within their genre. 235

So I think there should be a split option. Things you are enjoying within a genre, and things that you recommend to everyone, because it surpasses the whole genre-thing.

In my head, the recommandations should be the last thing, and the readers who are reading this also read this the first option.

Did that make sense?

Chris - good point, I'd forgotten about that! I did notice it at some stage.

1) Awesome idea, the shelf.

2) Thanks, Janoda! :)

Hi all,

Okay, phase one is in place. On each listing, you can now mark it "to be read", "currently reading", or "finished/dropped" -- the control is under the screen capture with the "recommend it" and "rate it" gadgets. The settings will be saved in the database.

I'm still working on integrating the "shelves" display with the member pages, so you'll be able to browse by "current favourites", "past favourites", "other stuff I'm reading", and "to be read". At present, my plan is to allow full tagging within those sections, including RSS feeds for each, so you can (for instance) get a listing or feed of just "current favourites in fantasy" or "past favourites in literary fiction" or whatever. Random jumping should also work. If everything goes as planned, this second phase should be released tomorrow or Friday night.

If you observe any weirdness in the phase 1 stuff, please let me know -- I didn't test it nearly as much as I should have.


Clever Rabbit ;D

By way of update, I have the new shelves stuff about half working. Still mucking with the formatting, which I am not liking, so it may not get released before the weekend.

Good job so far :-)

Hard to see whether it's working though!

By way of update, this has turned into a bit of an overhaul of the site -- there's been a bunch of stuff bugging me, and I seem determined to fix it all now. Yay. :-| I hope to have the update in place this weekend, but we'll see. Still have to write Winter Rain before Monday . . . .

Thanks for the update Chris!

I have decided to share pictures of my current madness. It's very much a work in progress -- and there is stuff that is missing even on this pic -- but here's the new WFG home page.



I like it :D