Should You "Like" Your Own Post?

Okay, so I finally figured out how to put a "Like" button on each post on my WordPress site, Now my fingers are just itching to click it. What do you folks think? Do you "Like" your own stuff? Seems self-aggrandizing to me, although of course I do like my own stuff, that's why I write it (grin)...

Usually that's a big no-no with other social network sites, to the degree that they disable that ability because it impacts other things like visibility.

ONe thing you should know about Wordpress sites is that the like usually translates to others seeing your gravatar in that post itself. (Wordpress likes to stack the icons of those who like the post.)

Meaning - others definitely will see what you've done and form their own impressions accordingly.

No. No. No. No. No. No. No.

It looks...narcissistic, arrogant, and kinda pathetic. -_- It's never a good idea.

Thanks for confirming. That's pretty much how I saw it too.

hunh, i was going to say yes, because it increases the visibility of the post. (also, if you share the post on your personal facebook, liking the link SHOULD translate straight across to the like button on the post. )

The "Like" feature on a wordpress post is a distinct button. There are other ways to share on the other platforms with the buttons that Jetpack provides.

Yeah, I agree with the majority here. Liking your own posts seems skeevy to me, and it doesn't look good. We already know you like it; that's why you posted it. Liking it will count against you!

Bribe friends to like it for you. ;)

The only situation in which I could see self-liking as a good thing is if you post a bunch of stuff in an almost-isolated area, and are trying to point out to people which ones they should read more.

In other words, not for social networking. Not for sites you don't control. Not for most situations.