Side benefits of serial writing

After Issue 12 of Curveball I looked at everything I'd written, and after crunching some numbers my computer announced it was equal to A MONTH'S WORTH OF WHAT WILDBOW WOULD PRODUCE IF HE HAD A SEVERE SPRAIN AND WAS FORCED TO TYPE WITH HIS NOSE.

(Side note: if he had been forced to type with his tongue, it would be fewer words but the quality would be higher.)

(Side side note: sometimes I am silly.)

Which means it's about 120,000 words, which makes it a full-length novel and some. So obviously it had to be collected and turned into a novel.

Which it now is. Curveball Year One is now out in Paperback and ebook!

I'm not going to respond to the first bit because I'm not clever enough to think of a witty rejoinder. Let me just say congrats.

You don't need a witty rejoinder. You probably wrote another 10,000 words in the last thirty minutes and there's absolutely no way I can top that with repartee. :-D

Nice work, uber! It must've felt so nice to collect all of that. Sometimes when I write I imagine each word is a snowflake (the regular kind, not the precious kind!) and they accumulate. Sometimes I get buried in them and sometimes they fall in lovely, novel-shaped ways.

... I had to look up the word "rejoinder." You learn something new every day! :P

Congrats on the ebook and paper-book releases. ^_^

It'll be brilliant being able to hold something you wrote in your hands... A fitting reward. Congratulations on making it through a year!

I hope to get there soon. Both the year and the book releases. I think I'll hit it big with the vast crowd of Insane Clown Posse "John Dies at the End" Terry Pratchett fans. That's a key demographic, you now.

That's great news! Congrats!