Sign up for WeSeWriMo '13: 7th Annual Web Serial Writing Month

I'm proud to announce that the EpiGuide Webfiction and Web Entertainment Community is hosting the 7th annual Web Serial Writing Month, WeSeWriMo: a month-long writing marathon, starting on August 1 and running until August 31, where creators of webserials, serialized webfiction and novels, and other web-only entertainment series are challenged to write up a storm and defeat all previous records!

If you currently write (or are interested in creating) anything from webserials to serialized novels to webcomics to video webseries to Twitter fic to anything else created regularly for the entertainment of the online and mobile audience, this is the marathon just for you. And befitting a project as individual as yours, with WeSeWriMo you pick your own goal. 1K words a day? Two installments a week? 40K words and a set of new character biographies or other extras? It's totally up to you.

You can visit for complete details, but I'll explain here too. The idea is to stretch ourselves to the limit, so each participant is strongly encouraged to set goals that are ambitious. One good rule is to judge your regular output, then try for a minimum of 150%. For example, if you usually produce one episode/installment a week, try setting your monthly goal to six episodes. Someone else might aim for 31,000 words -- a thousand words a day for the entire month. Goals should be ambitious yet realistic.

We're a decidedly low-key, low-tech project so far, and admittedly we lack the automated tools of NaNoWriMo. But we hope to grow in future if participation warrants it. Any willing volunteers (programmers, moderators, publicists) are gratefully invited and encouraged to help us add to the WeSeWriMo experience!

Joining is easy:

1. Sign up for a free EpiGuide account. (You may already have one if you've posted there before--and if you haven't, where've you been? We welcome all writers! :))

2. Add your series/site/project and goal to the official WeSeWriMo 2013 registration thread by August 1, 2013.

3. Have fun!

Once we process your info we'll add you to the official list and you'll get some free goodies, such as a blog, a banner, access to the WeSeWriMo '13 forum where you can meet the other participants, and other extras.

The deadline for registration is August 1. Hope to see some of you guys joining in.

Note: If at all possible, please spread the word about WeSeWriMo! If you're on Twitter, chat it up often and use the hashtag #WeSeWriMo (along with other useful tags such as #weblit, #webfiction, #webseries, #amwriting and #writegoal). Please post about our project on your blogs or Facebook, or any community that seems appropriate. (But please don't spam!)

When posting, link to (that's the EpiGuide's official sign-up thread) or if you want to direct people to the main site for more info, you can use Thanks!

In addition to help with PR, we could always use moderators, posters, brainstormers, and all-round mensches in order to help lead this year's WeSeWriMo challenge. If you have any ideas or would like to step up and volunteer to help keep folks motivated, I would be extremely grateful. We need all forms of participation, and every little bit helps!

Yes, NaNoWriMo has its own summer program. So if anyone asks, "why should I do this WeSeWriMo thing that I've never heard of, when there's Camp NaNo and its gazillion participants to join?" If you're writing a 50K novel, Camp NaNo is just the ticket. We love NaNoWriMo (many participate in it as well), and of course it was our inspiration for creating WeSeWriMo in the first place.

But sometimes our ambitions want to draw outside the lines, and that's why we've moved online to stretch our creative legs. WeSeWriMo is the only writing challenge created especially for new media projects, and the only one that lets you choose your own goal uniquely suited to your own unique creation.

Over at NaNo you're called a "Rebel" if you don't quite fit their guidelines. Here, you're a pioneer! WeSeWriMo is about breaking a new path in a new world of publishing. Don't play by the rules--make your own!

So if you're a member of another writing or creative community, an active blogger, a rabid Facebook member or Twitter user (not to mention Reddit, Tumblr, etc. etc. etc.), please let people know about WeSeWriMo and what your goal is--and encourage them to create their own as well.

If anyone has questions, please feel free to ask here or at the Eppy. Thanks and good luck. :)

Bumping this because I think more people here might be interested in participating in a writing marathon built specifically for serialized fiction writers. Take a leap and see what it's like!

Butbutbut...goals are scary!

Goals are pretty scary!

Fortunately, writers have just under a week left to prove they're not yellow-bellied cowards. :)

Sign up lasts through August 1.

...but I'm totally a yellow-bellied coward! I have the daily panic attacks to prove it!

...but yeah, still considering signing up, I'm just trying to come up with a reasonable goal.