Since no one has posted in 2 days...

So since no one has posted in the forum for a day or two, I'm just throwing this out there:

Go see Man of Steel.

1) If you want to see a story that has one consistent theme threaded throughout every decision regarding character and plot.

2) If you want to see a summer blockbuster.

3) If you want to see beautiful cinematography.

4) If you want to be affected -- because you'll either love it or hate it. I chose love it.

5) I think the way they handle character development and theme is better than any superhero movie I've seen, and hopefully it will make me a better writer.

Hi-five. My husband and I were also in the LOVE IT category. We're surrounded by haters, though. :(

I saw it last night and enjoyed it. To me it felt like a good use of the character.

I blogged about why everyone should love it.

I like Superman. A lot. I think he's gotten too much flak in recent years from Batman-lovers. I very much adored Man of Steel. It did almost everything I hoped it would. Perhaps it could have cut some of the action to appeal to more people, but I personally loved seeing Superman let loose and use all of his power. That was something sorely lacking in Superman Returns.

That being said, my only issue with the movie was a thematic one. Because (also like Superman Returns) it's still a messiah story. The major theme is that Superman can become a beacon of hope for humanity, that he can guide us down the right path, and essentially, save us from ourselves. And that's what I don't like. The great moments in Superman's many stories are never when he saves humanity from itself. They are when he saves humanity from some unimaginably dangerous villain that wants to destroy the planet or something. So just from a plotting perspective, I find that theme weak and useless, certainly not strong enough to carry an entire more, let alone a franchise.

But even disregarding the implications it has on the plot, I still think it's a bit of an irritating theme. We need Superman to save us from ourselves. Okay, fine. Let's say we do. But wait a minute. We don't actually have a Superman. He isn't real. So buying into the major theme here is... also kinda buying into the idea that the real world is fucking doomed, because Superman doesn't exist. Which, is decidedly NOT a beacon of hope for people.

Unless, of course, Superman is an allegory for Jesus. In which case... *sigh*

Also you guys, Hans Zimmer's score for MoS! His best since Gladiator, IMO. I've been listening to it on loop while I write and it never fails to light my imagination. Has anyone else been listening to it?


This is why I posted a link to my blog -- Superman's theme isn't "save humanity from itself." I found the theme throughout the movie to be about the "power of the individual to make a choice for good or evil." Superman archetypally represents "choosing good" in a big way, so it's all over the screen. Zod is a physical representation of what happens when you choose to use your power destructively instead of constructively -- all over the screen in a big way. But the message is that you as the individual can choose one or the other in your life, in small and big ways, and that choice is up to you and you alone.

That's a great theme that applies to anyone.

A movie can have more than one theme. Strong arguments can be made that both were present in big ways.

George, that's one of the things I love about Doctor Who, the Doctor never GUIDES humanity overtly, he lets us grow and choose for ourselves.

Aha, yeah. I'm a whovian, too. Very much looking forward to the 50th anniversary special.