Sir Hollins and Sir Shi

(Please assume 'sir' as gender neutral in case my interpretations of your name and their corresponding identities are incorrect)

Consider this a (in one case) mildly delayed and (in another case) wow, incredibly massively horribly delayed thanks to the both of you for your reviews of Caelum Lex. Clearly, I do not get on here often enough, but I'm here now so let's say better late than never?

PS this made me legitimately grin like an idiot. Well done. "Take a ride on the Dionysian, its the kind of ship where everyone knows your name. (and is often shouting it, along with various expletives. )"

If you throw in a scene where Cora walks into a bar and everyone raises a cup and shouts CORA!, you'll make me grin as much (kidding, don't do that!)

It is indeed sir, no worries there, and my pleasure. And as someone that wanted to do similar with the extra bits and pieces back in the days of Geocities, damn straight I'll read them. Love the little jokes along the edges of them as well.

I'll pitch it to my co-author. Fingers crossed.

High five, sir.