Site design

Anyone want to do a final vet of the design of my new site before it get's pushed through WFG? Pretty please? I'm pretty sure I got all the little things worked out, but please, let me know if you see anything that should be fixed, or that you would change.

The new font's a little large, but everything else seems fine.

Spotty; I check all sites out on my BBerry to see how they look as a mobile site. In your case the whole red header appears without lettering. May be something to look at. Aside from that it works. Ill check it out on my laptop later and post. Good luck!

Nothing at all? That's odd, I'm pretty sure there's nothing special going on there. Should be white text on a red heading... Any thoughts on why it might be like that? I've not really checked these sorts of things out before.

I'm not a fan of the huge red header with all of the blank space at the top. If there's no image, I'd make the header potentially smaller -- otherwise I just get the feeling that there's supposed to be something there that my computer's not loading.

I'm also not a fan of white text on darker backgrounds, because it messes with my eyes after awhile. But that might just be a personal preference.

At a quick glance, the way the theme was designed, moving the header up is a major tweak, but I'll look at it. It kinda bothers me too.

As for the light on dark... I use computers alot (I'm a computer science student and web developer during the day), and I generally find a well designed light on grey/dark theme easier on my eyes, so I think it's probably preference.

Yours is a preference that seems to be shared by alot of people though.

Oh lookie, not hugely major afterall. I still hate 'magic' number though. This is why programming is better than web design. We get to put cool names on those numbers, like 'funkyTitleHeight'.

Edit: On a whim, I did a search for this, and this is what I found. I wonder how supported this is by browsers...

Also, see this (rather garish) website from the people in control of these sorts of thing as to why it doesn't exist. So much more the pity, but oh well. :(

Nothing at all. When I call up "page view" I can see it. That's how I knew there was supposed to be something there. Some mobile views don't do well with flash or image banners. Is this one? If not, it may be that the size of the banner is too large and the lettering is not pulled up.

It's text with margin/padding's and bottom aligned text. There's a decent number of nested div's I suppose, but still...

Also, since then I've made it (vertically) smaller, so that may help if it's simply too large... I don't know.

I've never really used the 'net on a mobile, nor developed/designed targeting it before, so I'm kinda clueless about this.

Looks pretty good to me. Grey/black isn't my favourite background colour, but I think it works well enough.