Site Feedback

I was hoping I could get some site feedback before I submit my story to the WFG. The first episode is also posted as well, so it would be nice to get some comments as well (to see if they work, my old text service, texty, has been acting strange.) Thanks alot. Here's the link (or you can hit the link in my signature).

The only things I can see wrong with the website itself is that the CC links at the very bottom are hard to read against the background you have. Perhaps that should be in the white area.

You also might like to have a link to the first chapter somewhere on your homepage: currently there is because the first chapter is also the last one, but that won't always be so.

I'll have a look at the story itself a bit later. Seems now is the time to jump on board though, while there's nothing much to read.

Thanks for the feedback. I changed the font color to a lighter color in the CC link, but it looked strange to me. It still looks weird with the ad in the white space, but it kind of conflicted with the project wonderful thing. I'm still debating whether I should leave it the way it is.

I plan on having a link for new readers as well as the current readers. I know how irritating it is to not have link for the archives and to start at the beginning. I'll try to make that as easy as possible.

Thanks again for your help.

Creative Commons! Good for thee, that's an excellent move. I have a couple of my stories CC; really the entire thing should be for Vexations, although, I'm lazy and haven't updated. My new stuff will probably go that direction. I'm a wholehearted supporter.

Welcome to the fray.

Sora; checked it out on my BBERRY. Can't see the banner or the links at the top. myerry

@kytdotson: Thanks. I actually found it on some other sites. I think you can just put it somewhere on your site and it should apply to everything on that site.

@apocalyspe:Yeah, I checked it on my phone and I can't get it to load either. I'm sure what I can do to change this though without affecting the readability for those who read on computers. I'll try to figure something out though.