Site navigation - a lil' help?

Okay, so I got a recent complaint from a rather disgruntled reader who said that the site was "damn near impossible to navigate." So I go clicking around and find to my chagrin that it IS kind of annoying trying to find the older posts to read. I went to put a blog archive on my site and found that it didn't show up well--besides that, I really don't like it.

So what I decided to do instead, was to add a link to the first chapter at the top of the page, and change the settings of my site so that only one post is shown at a time.

Do you folks think the site is easier to read now?

I've actually seen this problem with lots of sites. I strongly recommend you put a "next chapter" link at the end of every chapter -- *before* the comments. Otherwise, people may have to scroll a long way to find it, and some won't think to. Plus, it's a pretty important link, and where it appears now makes it very insignificant and hard to find. Also, the "start at the beginning link" needs to be bigger or bolded, as you want it to jump out at new readers.

All right, did what you suggested. Should I make the 'go to next chapter' link bigger or is it fine bolded like that?

Thanks, btw. ^_^

EDIT: Nevermind. I went ahead and made the text bigger.

It's big, but I'd suggest you label it consistently on all pages. "Next" works well for a label.

i think it's looking much better, eikasia. the red colour jars for me a little and i want to center the sentence, but that's minor.

perhaps a 'next' and 'back' button below the post? i see under the current 'go to chapter x.x' link somewhere, 'older' and 'newer' links are hiding, so it is possible to navigate. if you can bend blogger to your will, maybe you could tidy that up? but again, i think this is minor.

all in all, it looks lovely and i am able to move to the important bits quite easily.