Site Review - Charlotte

Hi all,

Looking for feedback on my blog design.

Colors, readability, overall look, anything you want. [Content, if you're interested ;)] Constructive criticism is welcome.

Thank you! :)

Everything looks fine to me. I just started school, so I don't even know if I'll have time actually read, but the site readability is good and the site is nice with colors that are easy on the eyes.

Nice design (I have to say I love the image at the top) and great opening line. Bookmarked. (That means I'll read it, but it might not be for months!)

Thanks to both of you. :) Any other opinions?

I'll take a look at the actual story during the weekend. I skimmed a few posts and I'm curious to read more.

I wrote you a review. I love your writing!

The site has an aesthetically pleasant and easily navigatable ( that a word?) design. I'm particularly fond of the glistening, autumnal banner image.

I've read a little way- the story isn't my traditional cup of tea, but I have to compliment you on your writing ability. You've got certain talent, a natural ease with wielding words. Having perused your latest entries before going back to the beginning, I particularly loved the line: "Welcome to 2009. I am sober and unkissed." I think it sums the atmosphere of the blook (that apparently IS a word, though an ugly one) nicely. Direct, elegant and somehow poignant.

I shall flit back from time to time in future, just to see if Charlotte keeps to her resolutions.

Thank you all very much! Though you guys are too nice. Come on, I'm not gonna be offended. ;)

Personal opinion only - I like a bit more definition between blog posts and sidebar, and a very obvious 'subscribe' button. The links under the ads kind of blur all into one.

ETA: I meant to mention that I really LIKE the 'New to Charlotte?' bit at the top.

Haven't read any of Charlotte yet, but I like the overall look and feel of the site. Love the header image, as well - it reminds me of well-designed, well-presented chic lit, you know, the ones with glossy covers facing out on bookstore shelves ...

Just a note, this: I don't think you need a tag cloud or a bunch of labels under every post. You may need tags, for search (though I doubt this, from experience with Blogger's superb in-blog search engine), but readers won't use labels to read your posts. They'll start from the beginning, subscribe, and remain glued to your updates.

Yeah, I think the sidebar could be improved-- more separation/distinction, and I also think it's a bit cluttered.

The tags are a good point. I sort of like what the cloud tag does aesthetically, but I never use them on other sites, either.

Thanks :)