Site Review: Far Flung

I've been putting together a properly hosted website for my serial fiction at I've been trying out a custom Wordpress theme which I happen to like a lot, but I want to know what you guys think.

Specifically, I'd like you to compare the look of the last two episodes of Far Flung and see which format you prefer. Up until Episode 9, I used a custom two-column, book-like format. For Episode 10, I went with a more standard style.

Episode 9, using a two-column page format:

Episode 10, using a default post format:

Initially, I liked the 2-column format - but now I'm starting to think it was a bad idea...

Let me know what you think, please!

The two-column format was really tempting for me too, lol. I almost used it for Megapulp.

At the end of the day, I don't think it's the best format for online reading. There might be some fancy-shmancy design reasons I don't know about it, but from personal experience I just find it harder to read on screens. Like, we're not used to reading multi-column pages on the web.

I dislike two-column formats for reading online. 99% of the time, I end up having to scroll down to read one column of text, then scroll back to the top and start down the other column. Meanwhile I'm picking up stray words and phrases from the other column while I'm reading because all the information is right there. It works better for the main navigation pages, as long as you make sure they don't end up with a similar issue (if whatever is on the top of the second column actually started down at the bottom of the first column, it's going to bug me because I will see a fragment and not immediately know what to do with the information in it)

I do not like multi-column formats for reading. While reading them, it just doesn't flow naturally for me. You can't deny they look amazing, just too much scrolling up and down in the browser for my taste.

Your content is awesome,I am looking forward to reading through it from the start.

Thanks for letting me know!

When I'm ready to post the next part, I'll set up a single-column format for everything. I'll also see if I can increase the font size a bit too - it's looking a bit small on desktop.

Aside from the number of columns, is there anything else I should know about readability, ease of navigation, etc.?

My personal recommendation for ease of navigation: Make sure there is a solid link bar at the top of every page, in the sidebar on every page, and down in the footer if you can swing it (if your theme doesn't let you do much with the footer menu then consider manually creating a string of basic navigation links to manually past at the very bottom of pages). I personally dislike floating navigation bars (the ones that follow the top/side of the page as you scroll down) on any site where I'm trying to read/view content (they work great on business and research sites, but when I'm trying to get immersed in something they're a pain in the ass).

Basically try to make it as easy as possible to always click to other sections of the site, back to ToC, etc.