Site Review for Forever & A Day

I've been writing on this series for about a month and haven't been getting much feedback, I was hoping if I could get some on the storylines, characters, website itself and if there was anything else that I could change. Thanks alot. The site is

Hi Rob--

You're going to get in trouble with your graphics; you're using celebrity pictures that I can almost guarantee are not copyright-free. From personal experience I can tell you that the rights-holders to celebrity photos are RUTHLESS, and they WILL find you. Consider investing in some clipart or in some custom art for your series. I use Alice Fox, but you can go to DeviantART and find all kinds of artists who will do custom work for you at very affordable prices. Some of the folks here can offer specific recommendations, too. (Alice is mine, you can't have her. Okay, you can, but give her back, I have a lot of work for her to do. ;) )

The first thing you need to do is get that artwork down pronto.

The second thing you need to do is work on the site design. I take it your series is set in San Diego and that's why you have the "welcome to" graphic on top. It needs moved down. When I first clicked through, the first thing I thought was wtf? How did I end up on a San Diego tourism site? "Forever and a Day" needs to be the first thing people see so they know where they are and what they're doing there.

"Now Playing," I learned, is where the archives are. Very confusing. I didn't know where to start; I found it by clicking around, but don't make it that hard for your audience. Most people have very short attention spans and won't take the time. Your link on the front page to episode 2 is almost invisible against the black background. I am infamous here for disliking light text on dark backgrounds, so take that however you will. But bias or no, your dark green links are almost impossible to read against the black.

I don't have time to give your series a critical read, but I hope these notes help your design work.



I'm confused about the cast page, it might help to put who the actors are and who the characters are. After scrolling down I had it figured out, but I'm not familiar with everyone , so it was a bit confusing.

I also agree with Meilin, try to get some original artwork or stock photos, or at the very least, mention who owns the pictures and state that you are not getting any money for their use.

It might help to put an About page about the story, just so the reader knows what they are getting into. At this point, I feel like I should know a general idea of what the story is going to be about. I know each episode has a summary, but it means nothing if I don't have a context in which to put it in.

It's kinda hard to read the story because of the font and the white on black lettering. I would suggest changing the font to something like Tahoma and put a black text on white and maybe changing the yellow blackground to something darker.

As for the story itself, for me it's a little hard to get into. There are a lot of typos and the characters names are being given without description. I have no idea about the location, the characters, or why I should care about them. This is all in the first section and I find it really hard to get into it. Perhaps adding more characterization and description about locations since not many of us have been to San Diego (luckily enough I took a day trip for comic con and got lost so I know a lot of these places).

It's also

... I have the unnerving feeling that I might be interupting SoraKainomori in the middle of a sentence...

Anyway, thus far I've only had time to give your site a quick browse, but I have to echo the opinions above. Removing the pictures would obviously be troublesome, given the sheer quantity you've taken the time to fit, but, well, copyright prosecutors can be quite ruthless. Also, a blurb or something on the front page would be nice- getting to your website, one has no real idea of what it's about. I'm not that crazy about the background colour or the stark buttons, but that's just personal opinion. On the other hand, the story itself was quite difficult to read given the font and colour- as SoraK (sorry) says, black and white causes eye-strain.

Also- and this might just be me being dense- but the episode archives were subcatagorised under "Now Playing." Consequently, I didn't realise you actually HAD an archive, so I went straight into things and felt a bit clueless. You might want to rename "Now Playing" "Episodes" or something, because I have the dreadful feeling that I'm not the only naturally clueless person on the internet.

Also there were quite... a lot... of typos- possibly another round of editing is required? Also I haven't been to San Diego, so I had no idea where most of the sans-description action was taking place- although I notice you did provide some quite nice pictures of the city. Which did make me want to go to San Diego.

In addition to the above, let me add one thing to think about - I browsed the "Cast Page" and counted 45 characters. That is a TON. If you look at most TV shows, which you seem to be modeling, you don't typically have more than 8 or so main characters. House does 9. But almost every other major show on TV, even ensemble shows, goes with less. Friends had 6. Seinfeld had 4. Even ER and Grey's Anatomy, which have huge ensembles, have at most 15 main characters, with a few recurring people in side roles. But 45? That's a lot of names to keep straight, unless you introduce them very slowly. Which even a cursory glance at Episode 1 says isn't the case.

Oh sorry. I didn't realize that I had stopped mid sentence. I had nothing left to say.