Site review for Rema - looking for advice from the vets!

Hello! I'm so happy to have found this community! I started posting my novel on a whim and had no idea people actually do this. It's exciting!

I have a background in webcomics but haven't done the whole online thing in a long time. Long story short, I was wondering if anyone could glance through the website and give any pointers to make the reading experience easier?

I'm posting the book here:

I'm having lots of fun so far. People mostly know me for my drawings so I have feeling no one will be reading the actual text, but I'm sort of okay with that since the manuscript is already finished. I just wanted a place to put it. Anyway, I'm excited to be here and look forward to reading other webfics! Thanks in advance for any input. :)

I'd put the 'start reading' bit somewhere more prominent/earlier in the sidebar, and I found navigation just a little clumsy with the layout of the 'on to three' versus 'back to one' (I feel like the order should be the other way around, or they should be side by side to better match the flow of a book). Minor complaints overall.

I really do like your art. Well done; I wish I was enough of an artist to draw something to accompany my work. What you're doing there reminds me of Erfworld (if you want another example to compare and contrast with) - Erfworld book two alternates between comic pages and text (usually) accompanied by images. The art style isn't overtly different, on a glance (and I had to double check you weren't also Erfworld's artist after seeing one image).

Thanks so much, Wildbow! I read some of Worm when I first discovered this website and really enjoyed it. I looked up Erfwood too. Thanks for the recommendation! It's exciting to see all the great work out there. And I agree about the navigation with previous and next chapter. I'll try to streamline it and find a better place for the "start reading" part. Glad you liked my drawings too. I make my living as an artist but always dreamt of being a writer. Alas, 5 years into writing and still working on it. Someday, perhaps! Thanks again so much for the input. :)

Rema - right now I have no problems with navigation but am thinking that blogspot does some funky stuff in how it starts to categorize posts (the default right now is "by month" on your left sidebar ) . What will happen down the road when you have 15 chapters or more?

I'm not too familiar with blogger and if there are menu options. Perhaps down the line it might be worth creating a table of contents page and removing parts of the sidebar?

Yes I was worried about the whole archiving thing, too. I'm thinking of switching it to a plain list of links, a table of contents like you suggested. More work for me because I'd have to manually type it out every time I posted, but when a month passes blogger does collapse the menu and that's no good.

It's actually not that time consuming. I used a list of links in the sidebar on my serial, and when I wanted to update with a new chapter all I had to do was copy the addy of the new chapter, add/paste it to the list and just name it with the number of the chapter. As long as you mark the single digit chapters with a zero in front of them then the list will automatically put each chapter in the correct order for you. Easy, and it takes less than twenty seconds each time.