Site Review Reqest: Dead Too, Rights

Hello there!

Now that my first attempt at writing has actually been listed somewhere, I was hoping to get some feedback/suggestions on the site's layout. I'm still tweaking it and open to making changes. Unfortunately I'm using Blogger's free service right now so my options are a little limited. Thus I went for straight functionality with the hope that content would matter more.

Oh! And feedback on the story itself is very welcomed, including what I've done wrong and what parts are most enjoyable. Its my first go at this writing thing but it won't be my last!

Thanks so very much,


Uggg. And yes I realize I misspelled Request, while asking for a review of literary work. So full of win!

Uh, I got sucked into reading the story and didn't pay much attention to anything else. So, um, yeah, I'd say it works pretty well. :)

I think it's fairly easy to navigate. Like the image on the top. Think the first sentence is pretty much one of the best tugger-inners I've seen on the web, and that's important for web fiction.

I'm now 7 Chapters into the story with 6 Entries per chapter. Added supplemental pages to describe things like the setting, where folks are spending a lot of time, and character biographies. Pictures and maps too! Redesigned the site now that I've got a better grasp of how Blogger works.

I'd love some feedback, both on the story itself and the functionality of the web page. Suggestions? Comments?

Thanks in advance!



I'm not a fan of zombie stories at all--that said, I found it very intriguing! Looks clean and easy to navigate. Very nice (even if it is just a blogger site!)

My only complaint is the white font on black background-- hard for me to read (over 40 eyes)

I found the addition of the setting, character biographies, etc very interesting. Great visuals! I'm not sure if this is common in webfiction? I like visuals and everything visual on your site was impressive!

I read the first page and enjoyed what I read. (other than eye strain - but I'm battling a major headache today, so that doesn't help. ;))

It's quite the story - raw, vicious, and compelling.

I haven't had any problems with navigating the text, and the extras like maps and character summaries are enlightening. It gives the overall impression of a project that has been carefully thought out, and that gives me confidence in the story as a whole.

I also don't like reading white on black, but the text is large and clear enough that it hasn't really bothered me.

Thank you both very much. I'm thinking about a different graphic scheme to allow for black text on white for the next time I get into a snit and feel like changing everything.

Appreciate you taking the time out to look!