Site Review Request: Thereamid

I've been working on a blog fiction project, but I'm not quite sure how readable the site is that I'm using. I can easily change it, but I'm not quite sure which direction I need to nudge it in or if it's just fine the way it is. I keep second-guessing myself.

Some quick feedback:

1) Having a blank home page is going to cost you visitors. Lots of them.

2) The layout of the text pages is fine.

3) The font is far too small. Not only does it make the text hard to read, it makes the text column too many words wide (you should aim for 10-15 words across, for good readability).

4) The contrast is too high. Either grey down the text or lighten the background.

5) The next page link really, really, really should be on the right of the text column, unless most of your readers have Japanese or Chinese as their first language.


Agree about the blank home page. From a design perspective it's striking, but the only reason I got to your main page is because my finger twitched and I clicked by accident (I hadn't noticed my mouse pointer had changed to indicate the background was clickable, I thought it was just taking a long time to load the site content).

Also agree about the next page link.

I like the layout though.

OK, that gives me some things to work on. Thanks!

agreed with all above points. Also, you should widen your central column a bit. Even on an oldschool crt, theres some wasted real estate on the sides.

Well, I've incorporated some of the suggestions. Widening the template will take a little more time, since it means testing the theme more to make sure it still works.

Though I thought my next page link was on the right.