Site Review: Steel and Smoke

Hi all,

I work on a epic fantasy/steampunk fictional Web Serial, Steel and Smoke, and I'd love to get some feedback on it.

I've just wrapped up work on my first Movement of twenty entries and as I gear up (read: procrastinate excessively) for the second movement, I'd love some reviews of the site, the layout, anything! I'll do some swaps with you as well if you'd like. Any and all feedback is much appreciated.


Seems better than most new sites at first glance. I have some suggestions for the homepage though.

-Make the excerpts from the chapters posted on the front page longer. The half a sentence ones you have now are way too short. Try the first 500 characters anyway.

-Add a sticky post that introduces the story; so that when people land on your front page they don't get confused, and so they know exactly what they are looking at. See my page for an example.

-The lack of box around your menu bugs me, but that's a small thing.