Site Review: The Deathscape Mythos

Was wondering if I could get a review on my website, The Deathscape Mythos. A review of the webnovel being written on the site--The Revelation--might help too, but isn't necessary.

Site: The Deathscape Mythos

Hello. I love the simplicity and the colors of your webpage. You do a great job of making sure the introduction is right there in the reader's face... but... you mention nothing directly relating your intro to your story, Revelation. In fact, if you hadn't mentioned it here, I might never have known that you were talking about a serial novel. Perhaps you could add a second paragraph describing the details? You know, the name, that you're writing a serial novel, what days a week you will be posting, etc.

As far as the intro, "... as long care is taken..." (looks like your missing an 'as' here).

That's all I got. Good luck with your serial.

Thanks! Yeah, I was worried about the webnovel not appearing on the front page, but I think I have it worked out now. I've also fixed that typo. Thanks again for the input!