Site review: The Unseen War

Trying to get my serialized novel going, but have never done any kind of web design. Does this seem to function acceptably? If you wish, an honest review of my work would be greatly appreciated also. Getting started is tough, my opinion is that it is pretty good, but I am only slightly jaded. :) thanks

It seems pretty good to me, design-wise. It's easy on the eyes and fairly straightforward to follow.

If you want to use a static front page, I think the very first thing visitors should see is a banner or cover for your story, along with a brief summary. Right now, the first thing I see is a note saying that "fan art will be accepted" - a bit off-putting, since I have no idea what such fan art would be for!

Make sure it's ultra-clear where I can click to start your story or read the latest chapter.

I also have to ask you about the PayPal Donate button - when I tried to get one for my site, I saw a message saying that their donate buttons are for registered charities only. Did you see any such message? You'd better check with PayPal - my understanding is that they are getting more strict about that.

I did not see any such thing from paypal, but I will check.I will have to change static page today. Is static better or most recent post?

Just checked, and it is indeed for non profits. If you raise more than 10k you have to provide non profit ID to even withdraw. So options?

From what I have found, creating a custom button is the best way to add a support button linking to Paypal. If anyone has done something else that works please let me know. Thanks.