Site Review: World Domination In Retrospect

Hola, people. Noticed y'all did this, so figured I'd see if anybody would mind taking a look, seeing if the navigation appears counterintuitive and if the imagery and colors are glaring. I bring up the glaring part because at some point a reader mentioned having trouble with the white background (which I can do little about) but the site isn't exactly dark-colored in contrast.

Any constructive criticism would be helpful.

Links for everyone:


The color combination is pleasing to my eyes and works well with the old-style world map background.

looks good to me! Needs a banner.

Thanks. I'm not experienced in designing websites and I knew I made a few unusual choices, what with all the yellow and then the orange. I also have no experience with banners.

Glad to see I made a much better choice on my second design than the original.

So this is going to sound like an off the wall question, but what order am I supposed to read "And Introducing"?

Is it "And Introducing", "And INtroducing 2" then "And Introducing 3"?

I assume so (once I click the full post link for "And Introducing") but it's not immediately obvious when I jump in accidentally to and then pick your "01. Introducing Link" (which goes to and then lists all corresponding entries in that category in reverse order.)

(However if I go from WFG, I think I'd be otherwise okay with reading posts in the order. But I saw Jim's suggestion somewhere about having at least one page that lists/links everything in correct order and otherwise cues in the random surfer what to do. I'm inclined to agree that might be a good backup measure in case someone lands on a random entry.)

I do not know how to make it not list them that way. I would very much like to know. I'm going to go randomly use my mouse until this problem is solved.

Mouse-clicking successful. Menu and Table of Contents functional. I just wish there was less white involved.

Not sure how to do the categories. (there might be a plugin that allows you to mess with the ordering of posts to be chronological with a category?)

Regarding making your TOC a little friendlier what you could do is

"And Introducing" 1 | 2 | 3

(See ) ...

Sorry - couldn't insert code. It kept trying to convert it >_<

but it's basically three direct links next to each other with the "pipe" in between

Yes, I see. That is a better idea than the current way I have it. Gave me an idea too.