*Site* review: www.fromwintersashes.com

As I and Keith start gearing up for the sequel, From Spring's Storms, we're finishing off the touches on the new website. Our content management system has really come through for us, and we're looking for great ways to keep improving the site and make it more friendly and useful for the reader.

So I'd like to invite you all to have a look over our new website, and let us know what's working for you and what isn't, and especially what you wish was there that we don't have yet!

It looks really busy on your mobile site. The textboxes have overly thin margins that make it look like the summaries and such are falling off of them, and everything's justified te the left, so the titles looked awkwardly weighted if they're across more than one line.

@Tartra, I agree. There's no one thing to catch attention. I like the motion of the character switch, but it might benefit from a banner or piece of art for you to stare at and consider. The sidebar is nice and simple, but the very important 'about' blurb doesn't pull my eye. There are too many stock images being used, I think. That's why when you see sites of this scrolling design, text is usually set on matte color. I don't think I'd suggest that, but I would say the aurora Borealis is somewhat distracting.

I do like the site, though. I like the bones a lot. I'd think about color synergy.

Thank you, @Tartra. We've barely touched the mobile and tablet versions yet, but that's definitely something we'll be doing this week. Our content management system also does some really smart things with different sizes of browsers, so we'll see if we can't tweak things to work pretty.

@Shaeor: Thanks. I think I'll try playing with the transparency of the behind-text background boxes, and see if the About can't be made to pop a little more. Color synergy is probably what's going to make me rethink the aurorae borealis picture; the overarching color themes should be gray, gold, black, white, and I think that current picture's injecting too much green and blue. Easy fix. Check again tomorrow, should be solved.

I agree with the comments above but want to add more detail: the basic structure of the mobile site is OK. The margin issue is a pretty trivial css adjustment, I think. The main problem (I think) is that the content is smaller than the extra stuff (the pull quote, the paypal block, etc) which look really huge by comparison.

Changed up the aurora background for something appropriately desaturated, and we've done some cleanup on the padding and margins.

The pull quote and paypal block are going to stay big, as they need to capture the attention of folks visiting the site.

Ran the site through some mobile testing with the new changes, looks good to me, anyone seeing anything that needs further attention?

That looks really good. Also, having the aurora behind the donate bar really grabs your attention. I see the blurb now has a border, which is much better. All in all, my eyes can parse everything easily now.

It may not necessarily be the size specifically that's the problem. It could be that it's suffering from an issue similar to the text, in that the images go right up to the edge of the image area and then cut off -- in other words, they lack a margin. Look at the Patreon graphic. It ends right at the background's border. PayPal has the same problem, but it's alleviated by PayPal's trademark symbol being so small that it gives the illusion of some padding on the right-hand side, which helps even more on the browser view because you have good padding above and below the image row, the illusion of padding to the right, so it just looks a little off kilter.

Expanding the background width a little to add padding to the left and right of the images would make them look better fitted, and you could keep the image size.

Good eye, thank you ubersoft. Gave that a few more pixels padding.