Site Review

Hi everyone. I was wondering if I could get a site review. I'm in the process of moving my website from to blogger. I love weebly, but my life schedule is so crazy that I don't always have time to keep a regular update schedule. With blogger, I can do automatic posts and whatnot, so it's more functional as far as a story site is concerned.

I just wanted to know if this new site looks okay and I was wondering how to create a homepage with blogger. Like if people came to my site, the "home" post would be the first one they would see instead of the most recent post. Your help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Oooh, I like the header. Very blue.

And I'll quickly explain how I do the home page on my site. There MAY be an easier way to do it, but it's pretty hard to find good blogger tip sites out there.

Anyway, as far as I can tell you've already got it to only show one post per day. So, pretty much all you do is set every other post you've made to some date in the past, say 1/1/09. Then, you set the page you want people to hit first to today.

The only problem with that is that it messes up the olderpost/newerpost buttons. I usually just disable them and manually add links for every page. (You could try starting at 1/1/09 and going up, but I haven't tried that yet.)

That's pretty much it, I think...

Give my layout a look ( I use blogger, too. I think it's the easiest, most intuitive platform for online publishing overall, but to utilize it for webfiction, it's all about the hacks (good ones from Tahjir; never thought about that homepage thing!)

I actually think having the most recent post / chapter at the top - while argueably not as good for new readers - is best for your regular readers. For the stuff I check out regularly, it always kind of bugs me if I have to start from the begining. (which is maybe dumb; never bothered me with opening a book to the page where I left off at!)

You can 86 the dated "archive" section, and then put in links to previous chapters, or even an intro page.

Either way, your site looks good!

Thanks alot for the reviews guys. I was trying so hard not to switch to blogger because weebly is so much prettier. I've been getting so busy that the automatic posting feature won me over.

I think I may put a link to the most recent chapter on the page. It's only one more click right? That's what I did for the older version.

Thanks so much for the help Tahir and Joel Wyatt, I was actually looking at both of your sites to get ideas before I asked for help. =)

You may be able to hard-code it into the template, if you're feeling brave?

You'll need to go to Layout -> Edit HTML.

Then right down near the bottom of the html code, you should be able to find:

<div id='main-wrapper'>

If you put your code after that, it'll show up before any blog posts.

EG. If you wanted a really simple message:


Welcome to my blog! As I get my work moved over, I'll be adding links to each episode.


You'd still have the latest blog post appearing underneath, though.

Does that help?

PS. manages this stuff much more easily :-)