Site Review!

Hello! I'm new to the web serial community, it's nice to "meet" you all - if anyone has the time would they mind checking out my site and just seeing if you think it works as a site for a web serial? Am I missing anything integral or am I good?

thank you!

It looks pretty good to me. You could, perhaps, shift your next and last buttons into the first and last part of your chapter bodies for easier access. You can also add a little tab for fanworks to subtly hint readers to send you art and derivatives if you're willing to display it, you can also do with a donations page if that's a pace you're comfortable with going.

Hi Safra! Welcome to the community ^_^

Right off the bat I'd say your website makes a good impression. The header art is quite nice, and it works very well with the color scheme. You got the absolute musts of a serial site; the Table of Contents, first chapter, and an introductory splash page. You've also got the "next" and "previous" chapter links, which readers tend to complain about if they're absent. All in all, I'd say you're right on track!

I did notice that you update every other week. Have you thought about increasing that pace at all? Besides the prologue, your chapters are long enough that you could split them in half and still have 1700(ish)-word updates every week. Obviously it is 100% up to you, I just know that readers tend to get more invested in serials that update more frequently. I personally saw a quite-significant drop in my readership when I dropped down from twice-a-week updates to once-weekly updates.

Either way, it looks like you're off to a wonderful start. I look forward to seeing more of you here!

I like it. It's easy to find content as a reader, it's attractive, inviting...nice job!

@Maromar: Oooh nice, good ideas! I was thinking about adding a Ko-fi or Patreon link somewhere...

@MaddiroseX: Hello!! Yay that's all great to hear, tysm for taking a look! I was thinking about doing weekly updates, my plan at the moment is to try and get a few chapters in the bank and once I'm a little more ahead of myself than I am right now, do more frequent updates? The more frequent the better sounds like a smart plan.

@Blaise Corvin: Awesome! Thanks for taking a look :)


I am really impressed with the artwork and your splash page! You seem to have a good grasp on design. I did not look at anything more because I was curious if this would interest you?