Site/Story Review Request: Blood and Entropy

I realized I should have done this *before* submitting to the site but I guess I got too excited or something.

What I am really wondering is: How does the site look? Am I missing elements? Something I need to get rid of? Readable font? Etc...etc...

(and if you read any of it, go ahead let me have it)

Hi! I had a quick look at it.

I like the black/white/grey colour scheme. It works really well, and the background and the little swirls (they have a name; I've forgotten it!) are subtle and suit the mood. There are a couple of off notes - the icon next to the "Home" link, the hover text on the RSS, and the XHTML/CSS/Login. I would probably try and make those suit the layout more. Notwithstanding the colours, those little icons are quite a mdoern look, whereas the layout in general is more gothic.

I also noticed the squares in the top right, which I gather should allow me to change the colour of the layout, but this didn't work in IE or Firefox. I'd be inclined to just get rid of the squares altogether - I mean, how much does anyone need to change the colour of your layout when the grey works so well?

I doubt I would have noticed those things if I hadn't been looking to review your layout, so they definitely don't impact on the readability/navigability of the site. It's generally very neat, very professional, and very easy to read on. I suspect they're artifacts of your customisation of the layout. I know when I started with mine I had a lot of stuff like that which was a bit tricky to fix, and it took me a while to go through and tidy it all up. I still have a few things on the to-do list!

This is more a note than anything else, but I thought the ordering of your nav bar was a bit odd. The ToC link (being the one, I assume, you most want people to click) is at the end. I would probably bring it towards the beginning of the list.

Re: the content, the about the story & characters pages were quite short and spare, but they did succeed in drawing me along to the ToC link, so I suppose they achieved their purpose!

The story itself was engaging! Interesting premise, and a great hook in the first paragraph which leads straight into the action. Couple of things to watch out for: you change tense in the first paragraph, and you're missing a period at the end of the first line of dialogue. You should also keep an eye on your dialogue and make sure it sounds like people speaking, and not people delivering information the reader should know. ;) Generally I didn't get this sense, but there were a couple of bits. Your descriptions were great! Very immediate, very intense, and keep me scrolling down.

It would be good to have a "Next" link at the bottom of the page, after the story text, so I couldjust click on to the next instalment rather than having to scroll up or click back to the contents.

I hope this was helpful! Please let me know if any of my comments don't make sense.

Havent read yet, just reviewing the website. Iecho theabove, colors look good. Put TOC to the left. The HOME screenshould be your about screen, not the most recent post. The about screen should have a link to the first chapter (I know its on the right hand side. Some people WON'T look that far. People are lazy. ) The about screen should have a bit more detail.

I WILL read your story though. I am a Balance junkie myself! Which always puts me in the middle of my friends that are either order freaks or chaos monkeys.

Thanks guys for everything. I am thinking this might not have been the right thing for me to get into. I really appreciate the ideas. I am going to work on template things now, probably to be honest going to go with something really simple in black and white. Because it has the better navigation and all that.

Thanks again!

Also how *much* information should the About page have? I am really not the kind of person to be really flowery and lengthy when it comes to such things. I thought I had just enough there to tell you what it is about, without telling too much.

I think there's enough information about the story's plot. Some other things you can include: content warnings, like 'graphic violence' or 'non-graphic violence.' An update schedule, if you have one, or a note that you don't have an update schedule. A note about donations, if you take them.

I would put these, in order, story summary, link to first entry, link to most recent entry / list of most recent entries, warnings/update schedule/etc. Also, having a page folks can bookmark to read your most recent postings is, I think, pretty important.

Oh, I like the new layout! Very simple, very professional, and very easy to read on. Sometimes simple is best.

(For the record, though, I liked the old layout too!)

The navigation could be a little more prominent, but other than that it's fine. The minimilist design works well. I do agree with Wystie that you need to put your update schedule etc on the landing page so readers know when to check back.

Okay I am much much happier now with the way things are. Thank you guys so much for taking the time to give me ideas and pointers.

Never think you are getting into the wrong thing! Getting into online fiction in any way is awesome. Just remember, there are the hobbyists, people who just post fiction to various webforums and other outlets, just to share with friends. There are pro's, who spend the money and time on a domain, and setting up a webpage, creating incentives, networking the hell out of it, and hoping to one day make a buck or twenty for their work. And there is every stage and level in between. Whereever you fall on that scale, you are in good company. Keep writing, keep sharing your dream with people! If you decide you have to scale back, then scale back, but keep writing.

The new site looks a LOT better. I love the quote and small blurb for the about page, it seriously grabs. I've read the first two chapters, I'm hooked.