Site Upgrade

Hi all,

We rolled out some new software to the site tonight. Hopefully it improves our easy of use, and doesn't cause any new problems. If you have questions, comments, or bug reports, this is the place.


I'm wondering, does the "Latest Review" at the front page work properly? It hasn't updated since August 23, and I wrote a review on the 24th...

Anyway, thanks for updating! I like the changes :P

Hi Trygve -- it's editorial reviews only, at present. I'll give some thought to the member review thing.

I like the redesign. Thumbs up from me. (Especially the main site link from the forums.) But the rest of the stuff is awesome too. So far. WFG is really growing up nicely.

Thanks Kyt.

Ah, that's too bad. I feel like I'm missing out on some reviews like that. :( I can see why you're doing it like this though, I have read a couple of reviews (Did i say reviews? I meant sentences) giving five stars for no reason. Spam is always bad :

Hi Trygve,

For now, you can get an RSS feed of all reviews (member and editors) at

We're presently trying to work out a way we can show member reviews and member ratings for the next software release.