SnowyMystic, thank you for review

Thank you so much for your kind and honest review of Seagrave's Journey! Glad you found it enjoyable and sorry to hear you had problems with loading times. Apparently, some of the Wordpress features are giving a hard time to some browsers. I'll see if there is anything I can do about that.

Also, pointing out my inconsistent posting gives me a good reason to improve on that and be more perseverant.


Thank you for the thanks, your response gives me hope that you'll keep on top of it. Sometimes the theme of a wordpress site slows certain machines/browsers down, at least that is what I found was the case with my site until I changed it's theme.

I'll be quite glad if you stick at it, you've managed to really nail the feel of folkloric fantasy in an urban setting. A lot of things I've read don't manage that, though many are still quite good.

One thing I've noticed among a lot of 'sucessful' webfictions is that consistent updates go a long way. It something I've hammered into my heart. Though, I admit is is easy for me, what with being a NEET and the nature of my creative process.

Anyway, I hope things go well for you.