So who has a Twitter?

And what's the link to follow?


I figure it might be fun to follow the twitters of a bunch of fellow web writers

I have one, but while I mention my writing in it, it's really not just my writing and it's kind of embarrassing :[ is my writing twitter. is mine...

It's a mixture of writing and personal.

Here I am. :P

Well yeah, I had assumed most people's (AE is one exception I know of) twitter includes personal stuff. I mean, it's not a highschool livejournal, but I'd think it has stuff other than just "new chapter" and "read this thing." I generally like how Jeph of Questionable Content uses his: however he wants, plus comic update info.

Mine is usually for story update info. My personal stuff usually goes to my news section or my LJ blog.

well color me mistaken.

But to be honest I don't really use it. Or follow it. I guess I should. Maybe I'd be more inclined to if I had more people to follow.

*Raises eyebrow at the idea that having a livejournal is "high school."* I used to have a Twitter, but I never really got into it, and nobody really watched it, so I stopped using it. Is Twitter the next big thing now-a-days? I can never keep up on the latest shiny new programs, lols, which might be bad for me in an advertising sense.

I use Twitter only because it is an easy way of inserting writing progress updates into my website. I just use a widget and it keeps such "noise" out of the story feed.

I don't know if twitter is "the next big thing," but a lot of webcomics and serials have a twitter integrated into their websites.

For me, at least, it's a good way to keep people aware of the current status of the next installment I'm working on. Given a choice, I'd rather not put up status updates as individual blog posts when I could put them up on the site using twitter.

EDIT: Hmmn. Looks like Chris and I said the same thing more or less simultaneously.

Twitter, I has it:

Mix of personal and story-related, mostly story.

Despite being a Victorian aristocrat, even Lord Likely has his own Twitter:

Via his lordship I "followed" Stephen Fry and was followed in return. I would be flattered except that he's following all 6500 people who follow him. So, not so special, me, I'm guessing...

I just got me a twitter:

My twitter is ( ) and it is both writing and personal. I have added everyone's twitter here to follow.

Me, I'm on Twitter!

Hm. Well, mine covers pretty much chatter, personal news, and Vexations releases information -- I might split it out if I have to in the future buuuut ... here's to community.

I have a twitter :D