Some Help, Please?

Hey everyone...thanks for reading. I'm in the process of moving my webfiction over to its own site, and you can catch a peek of it over at

I was hoping to gather some feedback/suggestions for the site, please? I've had the theme issue brought to my attention, I plan to change it before publicly announcing the site. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Again, thanks for taking the time to read!

-Avery K. Tingle,


It's looking good.

However, you have a lot of blank space on the left. This would be a great location for a table of contents. Opps, just noticed the boxes after the content. Still, would make a great location for a ToC, I think.

Hey Avery,

I like :-)


- You've got 'Web Fiction I Follow' mentioned twice in the headings (btw, if you're using wordpress and you've got a page you don't want to display in the headings, set it as a 'child' page of another).

- I'd like to see a 'Start at the beginning' type link in the headings. I thought that's what I might find if I clicked on 'Where it all began', but no such luck.

- I kinda like the black background, but GREY text is a bit hard to read on my monitor. Anyone with worse eyesight would probably suffer. Or is that a theme issue that'll be fixed with the change?

Hope that helps? Minor points, I know. :-/

hi avery

i really like the background pic and colour scheme and the feel is one of space and night air...

the biggest bother i have with the site is the open space chris mentioned. and an easily accessible ToC with "go to first chapter" link...

i followed the 'start at the beginning' link and found myself at what i presume is your old site (orange heading). is this a link you'll be updating?

the grey text doesn't bother me at all, however as nomesque points out it could bother other readers.

and can i presume the 'ambience' heading will be replaced? :D

if you want to get people to follow your story, i would suggest making the RSS and other options more visible and put a heading for the links - especially for those not too clued up on it. possibly below the ToC on the left?

let us know when it's up and 'official'!

hope this helps :)

Wow...thank you all for the feedback! I'll incorporate all of those within the next week!

I also plan to become more active in reviewing other's work, so if you have something you'd like me to take a look at, please feel free to give me a shout!

Avery, I'd love you to have a look at Nomesque Fiction. It'd be interesting to get a male opinion on here!

Some of it might be a bit girly - I'm not the most girly of females, though. So if you do check it out, you might want to read a few paragraphs of anything that's screaming 'chick lit' at you... could find it's OK *grin*

Avery, it would be cool to look at It's All Relative. I'll definitely give your story a look as well. There's a line, so I'm not sure how long it'll take to get to your story.

not much actual updating happening on my site atm, but come have a gander... :) feedback is always welcome!

I have the same comments about the blank left sidebar and the gray text... maybe white text would work better and not ruin the color scheme? And of course, the broken links. Putting the ads all the way at the bottom right made me miss them the first time around as well, maybe there's a better spot to put them? But I like the color scheme and the clear links at the top.

I'd love a review of Lighthouse too, since you're taking requests... I'll review Universal Warrior as well. :)

Again, thank you all for the feedback. I think I'm gathering that it's the text that's more of a problem than the background, and I'm working to change that. Truthfully, I'd like to hang onto the background as it suits the story, but it's not about me, so I do what I must...

I've added Lighthouse Chronicles (@_windy on twitter, I think we just started following each other) and It's All Relative to my list of things to do this week.

If anyone is looking to follow (or be followed) on twitter, you can hit me up @IronMan1176. Thanks again!


As far as your website is concerned, is there a way to center the text? Also a link to the first chapter would be nice so I know where to start. Anyway, looking forward to reading. =)

I give everyone my word, I will find a way to post either a TOC, or a link that allows everyone to check out the story from the beginning, and this link will be on the front page.

Hey, Nomesque, sorry for overlooking earlier...I added your fiction to my list of reviews this week. I've been meaning to check it out anyway, this is a good excuse to.

Thanks again for all the advice!