Some things people might hate

So, I was just finishing up on the outline of my next endeavor (I am gonna go back to Men in the Black Coats...eventually...I just decided that Jukepop kinda sucks, so I'm done with that), and I realized that there is something that may annoy some people: there are two false protagonists for the first five chapters, and then they kinda...die from an alien parasite, after infecting a crapload of people. Not only that, but for the first little bit, the story is mostly sci-fi until the end of chapter 5, and then it dips into horror-apocalypse type stuff.

1) What have your problems with JP been? I'm on there myself, so I'm curious about other experiences.

2) Five chapters might be a bit might for false protagonists - five is enough to get invested, particularly if the chapters are of a decent length. Is there another way you could structure it?

1. I cheated my way to number four in August by getting literally every person in my high school to vote, and then decided that if I could do that, then sorry, but I don't exactly trust the sote's integrity.

2. I could cut it down to like two chapters... Yeah, I might do that.

How many viewpoint characters has GRRM killed off? Your story is your story. Whatever you feel it needs to do, you should do. The irony of writing is that following your inspiration is what brings readers who like what you've done; when you worry excessively about people's reactions and try to make something that you think will please the crowd, you'll usually end up with something stiff, stilted and artificial. The lack of your passion becomes evident in the final product.

Make as many protagonists as you want, and if they need to die, kill 'em.

I don't find that a dealbreaker at all; I think as long as the characters are decently realized while they're alive and entertaining then it works. Speaking for myself what I don't like about gotcha protagonists is the "gotcha" -- a lot of times you can tell these characters existed just to be killed in a plot twist because they weren't very fleshed out. If they're entertaining in their own right to read about and had a story that feels naturally complete (length doesn't matter -- plenty of short stories create and complete a plot in a satisfying way) before their deaths then I don't think anyone will hate it.

I'm personally not a fan of apocalyptic fiction so I would probably not continue reading through that genre switch but I'm sure plenty of people have those intersecting interests. Just do the best you can with any idea you've got. That idea in and of itself is not bad and I'm sure most people don't *hate* it unless it is executed poorly.


no seriously, if there's anything serial fiction is about, its genre bending and breaking rules. Do what you think makes the story work. Some will be pissed, and some will be ECSTATIC that a story did something that made sense but pissed them off. (I mean, that's why I read Require : Cookie. [love ya Stormy])