Spam, spam, bacon, eggs, spam, jelly, and spam

Just bringing it to someone's attention, but apparently I can no longer sign in to WebFictionGuide because I might be a spammer to the system. I could make a joke like "Wow, y'all must have really disliked that long review" but it's probably because of my name. Psycho seems to be a common spam flag. It has grabbed me over on another site and Google+ doesn't even consider it a name. I could call myself Adenoid Hynkle (Spamfilter schtonk!) but not Psycho Gecko.

I figured I'd let someone know so we can see what needs to be done to address somehow letting me back, even if that means changing my username.

Darn it, first some people steal my username on some places, like League of Legends, then spam filters start screwing with it. There are some psychopaths out there giving Psycho bad connotations. They should work on being more polite, like

People started getting locked out this morning. Not sure what changed. In any event, I updated the plugin in question and things are now at least correctable.

So far, those of you who have been locked out have been so because either your IP or your account name was flagged with Akismet (WordPress's anti-spammer system) as having posted spam on another site. I'm clearing the locks as soon as I see them. If it doesn't improve over the course of the day, I'll probably turn the Akismet support off.


Just a short bit ago I was locked out on the WFG main site, but came into the forums to sign in and then found myself signed in on the main site after the fact.

It appears it's done the same for me, Wildbow. Thanks for the prompt response, Chris.

There's our confirmed workaround, then.

Yep, same thing happened here, and the workaround worked for me, too.

Go home, Akismet. You're drunk. :D

I was locked out too!

I've disabled Akismet IP checking. Either they've got a bug or they've suddenly decided that all WFG members are spammers. :|

If you continue to have problems, email me at

I was sure logging into the forum didn't work for me either, as I was going to make this post!

*Everything is fine for me now though

I haven't had any problems logging in today, but that's not surprising since I'm not a spammer! By the way guys, did I mention my new method for buying cheap purses/shoes/real estate/drugs? Just go to [LINK REDACTED BY MODERATORS]!!!

yeah, i had the same, but seems good now. Maddirose, I have NOT been able to login at your site though, i try using my wordpress and it doesnt like it.

Alexander.Hollins, that is most likely because my site isn't on WordPress, it's on... *averts eyes, shudders*

Well, yes, but it gives wordpress as a commenting login option.

If you wanted a bit more control over your site, should you start pulling good numbers, I can help you run a wordpress install on your own site, its actually a lot cheaper that most people think. I do a decent amount of hosting at dreamfantastic that way.

I didn't realize it let you comment via wordpress login! Cool cool.

I'm actually a web developer for my real job, and I've done a wordpress install before for my own personal blog, so I guess it's just a matter of getting off my butt and making it a "real site". Out of curiosity, at what point of readership numbers do you think is "good" enough to actually dedicate serious time to stuff like site design and buying hosting and setting up domains?

(btw sorry if I am hijacking this thread, I can make a new post if that works better)

enh, the issue that the thread was created for is now moot. I would say based on the tie ive seen to income and numbers, proabbly about 100 regular readers to make advertising and donations cover costs, but having those thigns mayhelp you get readers faster.