SPEAKING of Superhero fiction - BOO-YAH!

First things first - a little back-patting and shameless self-promotion: I'm "Blog of Note" on the blogger mainpage! WOOOT! - i KNOW, they always tell us aspiring writer types that we're supposed to do the work, regardless of readership, kudos, etc. (and admittedly, I haven't always been the best w/ that) - sometimes, it's nice to get a little recognition. Now I won't just be syphoning readers from Legion of Nothing (thanks, Jim!)

Secondly, what really makes this topic-worthy, is that (big "B") Blogger has really been showcasing webfic in recent months (including wfg fave "Refuge of Delayed Souls")I know a lot of folks here are wordpress devotees or Ronin web designers, but the attention from Google's platform could go a long way toward convincing people that web fiction is the real deal!

Now... to wrap this thing up!

(oh, and, it goes w/out saying, but www.flyovercity.blogspot.com - more reviews are always appriciated!)



Maybe I can siphon some readers off you soon.


Nice to see that people are catching some publicity -- especially, I should say, people I know and read (and love) like Miladysa.

So - I've had something like 15,000 hits since the whole "blog-of-note" thing. While the vast majority have been hit-and-runs, or 'bots telling me I've won thousands of dollars, or trying to sell me varied elixers to increase the size of my prefered member ("What? What are you trying to say?")-- I HAVE, most definitely, gained some real readers who visit for long stretches at time.

In the interest of striking while the iron is hot - I'm hard at work bringing FC! to it's conclusion, tying together the threads which, believe it or not, HAVE been plotted out since the very beggining.

What I'm really looking for right now are comments from readers who are caught up on the "story so far", who can point out any Plot-holes, timeline inconsistencies, or questions that haven't been answered! -- HELP!

Congratulations, Joel :)

Like yourself, I found that the google blog of note brought visitors in their thousands, so many per hour/day/week/month that my lowly site counter had a hopeless task recording the exact numbers.

I think I gained a handful of readers. Most visitors spammed the site to the extent that I had to enable comment moderation for the first in time 5 years and many rogue sites started to include "Refuge of Delayed Souls" in their blog template code in what, I can only assume, is/was an attempt to divert traffic to their own site?

I also received lots of emails asking questions about how to set up sites/write/blog or offering tips and marketing advice. Oh, the joy! LOL

I was overjoyed (still am) with the Google acknowledgement and continue to enjoy visitors (in much smaller numbers) as a result. Thank you Google and Blogger. And thanks to YOU too, Kyt! *blush*